Saturday, November 14, 2009

Service During Mass

Saturday was the first time Cousin Dylan was able to serve during the Mass at St. Angela Merici. Dylan, proudly announced, while in kindergarten, that he couldn't wait to be an alter boy, it was also the same year he announced he wanted to be a priest, ninja, or police officer.
Now that he has finally reached the age to serve, he was the first to sign up! He was very excited!
These pictures were taken on my cell phone, so I apologize that they are horrible pictures! But, pictures during the Mass are frowned upon, and these are the best "stealth like," pictures that turned out without using a flash.
(Sorry Dylan!)

Dylan, is on the left, holding the VERY heavy candle.
Dyan-Joey Clark-Joe Graffman
Dyan - Father Tekkolickal - Joey

Ryan, slept through most of the Mass, but woke up wailing!

Mikey was all over the place, thank goodness it was a short pew.
Grandma remembered candy...Mikey is going to think that is the only reason to attend Mass...for the freebies!

Dylan, Joey, and Father Keller

Joey-Dylan-a 7th Grader-Joe

A 7th grader, helped the boys through the Mass, I didn't get his name, but he was a huge help!
Dylan did a great job, and we were very proud of him. Way to go Dylan!

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