Monday, November 16, 2009

Sleepy Heads

Last Thursday, we moved Ryan out of the co-sleeper, into the big crib, and moved Mikey into his room, into a full size bed.
This was a HUGE deal..."Operation Big Boy Bed," was a success.
Ever since then he wants to sleep in a big bed.
During nap time, when he normally chooses the couch, he wanted to lay in our bed. (It was really sweet.)
Mikey and "Bear" not to be confused with "Bear-bear."

Ryan in the BIG crib...it only took 8 months.
(No, he still isn't sleeping though the night, if you were wondering.)

When I went into wake Mikey, this is what I found.
Scared me to death. His head was under the pillow.

Before I could wake him, he moved the pillow again...huge sigh of relief.



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