Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elf Mischeif - 'Mater, Sheriff, Lighting Mcqueen...O'my!

Mikey loves Disney Pixar's Cars, and the elves knew that he really wanted "Red, the firetruck!"
Buddy and Max played with the Cars, and then lined them up nicely for the boys.

Buddy with "Red"

Max with Sheriff

Mikey, asking "Who is this guy?"

Ryan and Mikey

Mikey then found that the elves brought a sticker book!

Mikey "reading," OK...so he was really hiding from the camera!

Mikey and Ryan have brought home goodies, the last two days from the baby sitter.
Reindeer and Santa's...made out of their hand and foot prints.

P.S. - Thank you to "Santa's Elf;" my co-worker and friend Kim, who thought of the boys, while on her trip to Disney World, as she brought them back toys! My friends at work have been so good to Mikey and Ryan! Thanks Kim, Santa just put you on the nice list!

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