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Today's Prompt:   10 Things I have yet to accomplish... 

Ten things I have yet to accomplish, on my travel Bucket List:
  1. Orlando, FL - Disney World-Magic Kingdom
  2. Napa Valley, CA - Wine tasting
  3. New York City, NY - See a musical on Broadway
  4. Bird In-Hand, PA - Amish Country, girls weekend
  5. Newwell, WV - Fiestaware Factory Outlet
  6. Las Vegas, NV
  7. Lousiville, KY - Kentucky Deby
  8. Murfreesboro, AR - Crater of Diamonds State Park
  9. Scotland, Egypt, Italy, and Vatican City
  10. Hot Air Balloon ride
I have never been to Disney World Magic Kingdom, and I can not wait to take the kids! I was able to go to Epcot twice, once when I was eleven, and again at eighteen. I have been to Bush Gardens and Universal Studios, but the great Magic Kingdom and the Mouse, have eluded me! I will be just as excited, if not more so than the kids, when I finally enter the park that I have dreamed of going to for many years!

Mike and I have talked about Napa Valley for years, and I look forward to a trip to taste the bold wines of California! Mike knows many Chefs in Napa Valley, and I know the food might just out weigh the wine! Can you say wine pairings? This trip might not be in our near future, with two small boys, but you better believe that California is calling!

I have been to New York City several times, but have yet to see a Broadway play in New York. I LOVE musicals, and have seen many that have moved me to tears, at the Fabulous Fox, in St. Louis! Yet, the very essence of the grand stage, makes its home on Broadway in New York City! I am saddened that I missed RENT on Broadway, and would be willing to see it offBroadway, as I am such a huge fan...but I digress. I know that the great street that calls New York City home, has one evening just shy of heaven planed for me. The street calls to me in my sleep...yes, I know it is dramatic, but I will make this one happen very soon! Even if I have to drag Mike kicking and screaming, I will see a musical on Broadway!

As an avid reader of Amish fiction, I have fallen in love with a small Pennsylvania village, located in Lancaster County, called Bird-In-Hand. I know it might be silly, but I want to stay in an Inn or Bed and Breakfast, and have a girls weekend with my mom, and any other family or girl friends that could join us. I have always loved antiques, and hand crafted things; and I know there are some very talented craftsmen in Lancaster! Once again, I have read about Amish farms and food, for over a decade, and I want to cross this dear and beloved item off my list. I have never met anyone from the area, but I feel like I know them! (I could be totally wrong, and assuming way too much, but I want to see and appreciate it for myself.)

I have Fiestaware in my kitchen,but by no means am I a collector. I have heard that the Fiestaware factory outlet is something, you have to do just once, if you own any of their china. My friend Leanne, went there two years ago, and I have wanted to go ever since! I understand that they have a biannual sale, where the seconds or small imperfections, are sold at a very low price! I want to be one of the crazy ladies, there with a cart and socks on my hands! Yes, this too might have to be a girls trip...anyone up for it?

My husband has been to Las Vegas many times, so this is also on the list of places I really want to travel to. I mean, everyone has to go to Vegas, just once! I am not a gambler, and couldn't imagine sitting at a table, but I could sit at a slot machine for an hour, and be done! I want to see the lights, shows, fountains, and the midnight buffets...every cheesy thing you have ever heard about. In all seriousness, I want to shop, and visit the numerous places I have heard about since I was little. Everyone has some kind of Vegas story, and I want one too!

The Kentucky Derby has always been run near the weekend of my birthday. My Dad, and I watched the race together for many years, glued to the couch on the edge of our seats. I know I will never make it to millionaire's row, but I could see going to the In Field, on one of the sponsored areas. Not sure that I am looking to get wild and crazy, with the party animals on the other side of the In Field, but I would still love to be that close to the track either way. There is just something about the pageantry of the silks, the huge beautiful hats, and the mint julep...I just want to experience it once in person! My Dad would be my date, as he was the first one to teach me about horsemanship, and how much work truly goes into any horse sport! Not sure that my Dad would wear a sea sucker suit, but I know he would get dressed up just for me!

While I was in college, I heard of the diamond fields in Arkansas. I was able to visit the capital, Heber Springs, and many other sites, but never made it to the field to dig for diamonds. For a small fee, you get to play in the dirt, and if you happen to find anything, you get to keep it! I think the boys would love the idea of digging and sifting the dirt, not sure how long they would make it, but I want to say we tried!

I have never been out of the country, but my world travel list has always been the same! I want to go to see Scotland, and see the land of my ancestors. I will wear a kilt proudly, and try haggis...cant say that I will love it, but I have to try it just once! I have been been obsessed with Egypt, since I was a very small child; everything about the history and culture as drawn me in for as long as I can remember! Something about mummies, and the ornate items they crafted just fascinates me in ways, that I just cant describe. Italy and Vatican City, have only been on my world travel list for the last few years. I want to eat and love the succulent flavors, of true Italian food! I have seen so many travel and food shows, and I have to as the wife of a Chef, experience it for myself! The Vatican, is just something I feel I need to do! There is so much to love about the statues and religious icons, that I just want to feel and experience once in my life time.

Which brings us to my final item, the hot air balloon ride that I have wanted to go on, since I was a small child! I have always wanted to do it, but my fear of heights has prevented me from trying it. I don't know if this trip will ever happen! Maybe I will be in my nineties, and the boys will surprise me. I know that it is ridiculous to give in to something so silly, as there is a basket and a well train pilot. Yet, my stomach is turning as I type this, so this item might never be crossed off.

Thank goodness, I have done some traveling! Maybe I should make a list of where I have been, as each trip holds many dear memories! Where have you traveled? What is on your bucket travel list?


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