Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blog Dare: 98

Today's Prompt: If one store could make over my home...it would be...
If one store could make over my home, it would be the Container Store. I don't know about a home make over, but my closet and kitchen sure could use some love! I have so much stuff crammed here and there, that I am very disorganised, and it drives me nuts. I had a beautiful closet in St. Louis and really miss the shelving that was there when we moved in. 

Spring cleaning this past week, just reminded me that I need to gut my closet, and get organized! My greatest need is to do something with my shoes, as they are every where. I would love to have shelving that was open, but allowed me to see my shoes.

I have lots of sweaters and sweat shirts, that need to be store for winter, and I think that plastic storage is needed. Even if they would need to be stored else where, it would free up space in the closet.

Does anyone else stress about their closet? How do you store your winter clothing? Are your shoes tucked away in the store boxes, they were purchased in? Tips or tricks for a great closet?
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