Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Post: 100

Today's Prompt: ...and he never found out!

What a strange topic to write about!? I cant think of a single time I told a lie, and got away with it. I always manage to some how shoot myself in the foot. I always think the best in people, or think that my "secrets," will be kept, but some how weeks or months later the truth comes out.

The most memorable time I got caught, was when I got a speeding ticket at the age of 17. I called an attorney, paid the court costs, and went about life as normal without any mention of this news to my father. It wasn't until my parents, and grandma were all sitting around the kitchen table almost 6 months later, that the young man I was dating at the time joined in a conversation about speeding and having lead feet. He makes a really random comment about "Oh, yeah Jenny got a ticket, and she has a lead foot too." Crap sandwiches, Big Mouth just let the cat out of the bag...and I couldn't believe he just told everyone. You could have heard a pin drop, the conversation had come to a complete stop. I just wanted to crawl under the table, and not face the truth.

I once told Mikey that the toy store was  out of toys and stocking toys, so we could not go into the store. For months he bought this little fib, and every time we would pass the toy store he would ask if the shelves had been filled? Months went by, and he stopped asking if we could go to the toy store. I thought he bought the story, and had just excepted the "little white lie," that I told him. We stopped by the toy store to pick up a gift for a birthday present. All went well during the selection process, until we arrived at the check out. Mikey looks right at the store employee and tells her, "It took you way too long to stock the shelves...we went to another store." The check out girl looked at him, and asked what he meant? Mikey then looks at me, looks at the store employee and said, " My Mommy told me we couldn't shop here, because you were out of toys." I was so embarrassed! Thank goodness the store worker played along, but I was caught red handed! Next time I will think about telling the boys little fibs.

"Little white lies," do not work for me. Being honest is just so much easier! Do you fib to your kids or partner? Ever gotten caught in a lie?

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