Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog Dare: 122

Today's Prompt: That's when I turn into Momma Bear on the prowl...

We just had this prompt...not sure why I am writing about it again? So I last talked about the playground...but the term "Momma Bear on the prowl," means to go in search of prey. They only time I go nut or act in a frenzied way is around bed time, and there are toys every where.

I cant handle a messy room, with toys all over the floor, in the event I have to go into their room in the middle of the night. Nothing worse than stepping on a Transformer, with bare feet. Have a mentioned I stepped through a WWE Wrestling ring, and heard a lovely crunch and snap, as it bore the full weight of me stepping on it? The stupid toy cut my foot wide open. So, here of late we pick up everything prior to heading to bed. I'm not talking spotless, but I need a clear path to and from their bedside.

It has become a battle, and bed time has not been going smoothly. Momma Bear seems to rear her ugly head, the last few nights. The boys have taken up "building," and seem to dump out every block, snap pieces, Legos, and any item that can be used to build houses, museums, and skyscrapers. This means a huge mess, that needs to be sorted and picked up. Then of course, the kids have worked really hard on the project, and do not want to knock their hard work down. Unfortunately it normally is in the middle of the room, and cant be relocated...so Mikey thinks he has to defend it like it is some sort of historical building. So, Momma Bear has to be "mean," as I hunt for ways to clean each night.

How do you get your kids to pick up? How long do you leave "projects," out for display? Do you go nuts when the kids leave behind a huge mess in their wake? How do you transition to quite time, and start the process of bed time? What has worked for you and your children?

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