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Today's Prompt: What I really want for Mother's Day...

What I really want for Mother's Day, is a card and a kiss. I know it sounds strange, but I just had a birthday and I don't need anything! A card or a letter can say so much more, than spending a ton of money! A hug and kiss from my boys, is all that is needed!

Ryan has just gotten to the point of saying love with an L sound, and kissing with his mouth closed. So, as silly as a kiss and an "I love you Mommy," sounds. I don't need anything more than that! I will take Mikey "signature" in a card, where he traces his hand! He loves it, and has come to think that writing his name inside of a hand shape, written in crayon is how everyone signs their name. These little things  are all that I need from my boys! 

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