Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Dare: 131

Today's Prompt: It only seems like yesterday...

As another Mother's Day approaches, I am reminded of the day I became a Mother. It seems like yesterday that I was counting every finger and toe, for the first time. It was a long journey to Motherhood, and I was going to meet my little guy!

When Michael Jr. and I were finally able to look at one another face to face, I fell instantly in love with my baby boy. The little one that I carried for 9 miraculous months was staring at me, and blinking his little eyes. I was amazed at how alert he was, he had on a hat, and was wrapped very snug in the hospital receiving blankets. I couldn't wait to unwrap him, and count all of his fingers and toes, just to make sure he was just as perfect as he seemed in my arms. I unwrapped him like a present, and was shocked to see how he was tucked in so tightly by the nursing staff. Mikey had on a long sleeve snap shirt, that covered his hands. I remember thinking "He has claws or has some strange mutation, why on earth is he so covered up?" So I continued to "unwrap," my son, and finally saw his little hands for the first time. He had long finger nails, and long fingers, and I just held them in my own hands. He reached out and wrapped his little fingers around my finger and my heart skipped a beat. I just sat in wonder and soaked him in. I then put his shirt back on him, and covered his little hands in the fold over sleeves. It was then that I noticed his umbilical cord was pinched off by what I can only assume was a horrible torture device. It was a huge sensor, that had the normal clip to help the belly button form, but included a huge square sensor that would sound if he was taken from past the nurses station. (I was shocked and in awe of this creature, that was obviously a ridiculously strong baby, as he was weight lifting already, with that thing attached to his belly!) I then covered his belly back up with his shirt, and noticed his long legs and knobby knees..."Sorry kiddo, they look like mine," was the first thought that came to mind. He had the worlds tiniest socks on, and I quickly removed one, just to see his little foot. I just laughed, as he clearly had his father's feet! It was then that he was getting cold or over stimulated, as he kicked me! It was a dose of reality, and I kissed Mikey's little foot, and covered it back up with the tiny sock. Once my baby was all covered again, I tried my best to wrap my baby tightly again, to only laugh at my haphazard attempt to swaddle Mikey. He quickly worked his little feet out of the bottom, and gave me a very triumphant double kick. Mikey then started fussing, and I could only assume he was cold. So I wrapped him up again, and the same thing happened...this kid was channeling his inner Harry Houdini! When the nurse came into check my vitals, I asked her to swaddle him again. I watched and tried to remember everything she showed me, she was amazing...little Houdini was now snug as a bug and drifting back to sleep!  He was mine, and I loved everything about him.

Did  you count every finger and toe? Where you just amazed at the baby that you could finally hold, after 9 months? Did you notice features of your partner or yourself?

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  1. I can remember both girls' birth like it was yesterday. It makes me feel so good to go back to those days every now and then.

  2. I remember when my son was born. Meeting him for the first time was amazing!

  3. I love this post Jenny! I hope I will always remember the small moments with the birth of each of my sons. I remember looking at Xander and Noah in awe when they were born. Like wow this is all mine! sometimes I wish I had a rewind button so I could experience the joy and exhilaration the first time I held them. Just an incredible experience.