Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blog Dare: 132

Today's Prompt: My summers as a child...

My summers as a child were spent out doors. I loved the sun, and was oblivious to sun poisoning! I loved picking flowers and going for long walks, as I did not have allergies! (All of that went out the door during my teen years...)

I spent my summer days, at a day camp. There were day trips to the pool, roller skating, and to the local park. I remember there being water days, where I would wear my swimsuit to camp under my regular clothes, and carried a beach towel with my name written at the top. On these water days, there was a water hose, sprinkler, and a water obstacle course. One of my favorite actives on water days, was the sponge and bucket race. The idea was to transfer water, to fill the bucket with only water and a sponge. It took forever, was messy, and by the end you were soaked head to toe. Of course there was always a camp counselor who stood there spraying a water hose on you while you raced, aiding in the process of cooling down and getting wet on the hottest days of summer.

Weekends were spent fishing, camping, barbecuing, and swimming at the pool. My Mother loved the sun, and we spent hours every day just enjoying the outdoors. If we couldn't go to the pool, we spent it on the back patio, and often ate outside. We took long walks, and listened to the sounds of summer. We caught lightening bugs and left them go, making a wish as they flew away. I loved they

My boys love the water, and can not wait for summer time. Mikey is a little fish, and just loves to swim. Ryan is more of a sprinkler kid, and likes his feet on the ground! I can not wait for this summer, as the boys will be so much fun. Mikey has already asked "when we can catch those bugs, with the butts that light up?" Yes son, this summer will hold many of the same wonders as last year, and even more memories will be made!

How did you spend your summers as a child? Did you have carefree days? What do you want to share with your child, that you did many years ago during the summer? Do your kids love the water? Have a summer bucket list?

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  1. It's so fun to remember summer days from when I was a kid! I just hope my kids have some wonderful memories from their summers, too.