Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Dare: 135

Today's Prompt: The worst vacation memory...

The worst vacation memory was on a trip to Oklahoma, with two of my friends in 2005. Getting there was horrible, as we had a flat tire and then sat in hours of traffic due to roadside wild fires. It was a trip that was only supposed to take 7.5 hours, took nearly 12 hours, and we were very grouchy once we finally arrived! We located the hotel check in desk, and found a sea of people all waiting to get their room keys. Check in was a mess as the computers had crashed, and they were having to try to manually check in the hundreds of attendees for our conference. We finally gave up, and thought we would try to find some where to eat. We found a local sandwich shop, and we ordered our food. Dinner went well , and we were waiting for our bill, when my friends cell phone rings. The hotel some how was over booked, even though my friend had a reservation number. We were tired, cranky, and now tired...and still did not have a place to sleep for our 3 day conference. The hotel made a call to the hotel next door to our huge conference center, and they paid for us to transfer there.

Although our stay was now free, we were not happy with what we found when we arrived! The walls were literally flaking paint, not a towel to be found, and the air conditioner did not work. The temperature in Oklahoma during our stay was in the mid 90's, so not having air just wasn't an option. My friend Pat marched back down to the second hotel's check in desk and demanded another room. The time was near 10:30pm, and we were just exhausted! We were transferred to hotel number three, and finally just crashed! It was the arrival from hell, and one I hope to never have to deal with again.

This is where I tell you the rest of the trip was so fun, and we loved the sights of Oklahoma City! We toured the Oklahoma City National Memorial site, and it is one of the most moving museums I have ever been to. I think it is something everyone needs to experience for themselves, as it is a vivid reminder of the events that happened there in 1995. We loved Bricktown, and the Water Taxi through the shopping district. It was the first time I had seen painted cow art, and was surprised every time I saw a new cow painted so wildly. We shopped, we ate, we got dressed up, we attended all of our conference events, and loved our time together in Oklahoma. It was a fun trip, one I will never forget...I just never want to have an arrival or check in like we did!

Have you had a similar experience? How did you handle an over booked hotel or unavailable reservation? Have you been to Oklahoma City? Have a horrible vacation story to share?

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  1. Sounds awful :( NO ac = no bueno! But glad it got better!

    Found you thru the SITS girls link up! Looking forward to following your adventures via GFC!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

  2. Remind me to tell you about our trip from hell on the way to BBC on Friday. We ended up staying in Death Valley,CA where the temp was 106! NOT FUN!!! Isn't OKC a great city! We lived there for 3 years and go back once a year for a football game. Love brick town and the memorial is a must do.