Monday, June 4, 2012

Blog Dare: 157 - Recalls

Today's Prompt: What I should not have bought my child...due to a recall

There haven't been many toys or items that I have really regretted buying. There has only been one item that never should have been purchased, and it wasn't until a minor injury that I found out that it was on a recall list.

When Mikey was only a few weeks old, I would wait for him to fall asleep in his swing and then bring him into the bathroom with me while I showered. Our shower stall had clear glass, so I could see him sleeping the whole time. The cute little music played, he slept peacefully while the battery operated swing just rocked forward and backward. The next thing I know he is slumped over to the side, and pinned in between the two arms of his swing. I jumped out of the shower, while there was still shampoo in my hair, and grabbed my boy out of the swing. He was okay, just a bruise on his forehead, but I still flipped out! I called the pediatrician and asked if he needed to be seen. The following day I called the manufacture, and found out there was a recall, and would be sent a full refund voucher. I received a voucher for the full amount of the swing, and a written note of concern. I was very pleased, when the manufacture called two weeks later to verify that my son was okay, and that I had received the recall voucher.

I learned many lessons that day:
  • Even if you can see your baby, it just isn't worth possible injury while showering
  • Don't be afraid to call the manufacture with a concern
  • recalls can be out there without your knowledge
Thank goodness the swing was manufactured by a very well known company, and they quickly corrected the problem. I also, must say that I gladly spent the voucher buying additional products from the company. So, if you have a product that did not meet your satisfaction, speak up and let the company know. Sadly, too many children are hurt, and it can be months or even a year after a product is released before it is recalled.

Was your baby ever hurt by a product? Did you find out there was a recall on a product you love, and had to call to see what needed to be done? Was a replacement part or total refund voucher offered? Share your recall story!
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  1. I LOVE this post because I just got attacked by a dad on my blog for posting about a mishap that killed a baby in a product. And your post is just another example of how you were not trying to alarm anyone but just inform people of your own experience. Thanks I needed to read this!

    1. Andie, thank you for stopping by. Sadly, there are way too many injuries and deaths out there due to products and brands we love. As parents we need to speak up! Our children need to be protected, and if we are silent the problem is never fixed. Thank goodness my sons injury was very minor, and the company quickly offered a solution. Thank you for the comment!