Kindergarten Bound

My 5 year old is bound for Kindergarten in August, and I am amazed at the list of things he needs to know when he walks in the door. I'm not sure what I expected, but I was surprised at a few of the items on the list that was given to us at registration:
  • Count to 31
  • Count by 5 and 10's forward and backward
  • Uses paste and glue appropriately
  • Knows all letters and numbers
  • Can recognise his name and print it
  • Knows or sings nursery rhymes
I had to laugh at a few of the things on the school shopping list as well. I remember shopping every year with my mom for school supplies. I would get very excited, and once we got home we had to label everything with my name, as I was so happy and had to claim them as my own! Mikey could care less, and hasn't even asked about what he will need for school. The school supply list for his class is really short. (Which is great for our pocket books, but disappointing for me on an over excited Momma.) I am most surprised that there isn't any pencils or pens on the list, what are they writing with? Here is the items he must bring for his first day of Kindergarten:
  • Backpack
  • lunchbox
  • Small bath towel
  • Art smock
  • (2) yellow pocket folders
  • (1) box of tissue
  • (1) box of Ziploc bags
  • (4) fat glue  sticks
  • (1) box of 8 large crayola crayons
  • (1) yellow highlighter
  • (1) black dry erase marker
  • (1) pack large washable makers
When did you shop for school supplies? As soon as you had a list in hand or once the great sales start? How did you prepare you Kindergartner? Did your son or daughter take a lunch box, what did you send for lunch?

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  1. I got Chloe's 1st grade list when we got her end of the year report card. But I have not gone shopping. I go with my mom and Chloe. It is kind of our thing. I know at our school the PTG gives the classes some supplies so maybe that is why there was no pencils on your list? Will Mickey be going all day since he needs a lunch box?


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