Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - Strays?

Mama’s Losin’ It

This Week's Prompts

 1.) Share a story about a stray you took in or an animal you once rescued.
 2.) Happy 4th of July! Share how your family celebrates the fourth!
 3.) List your top 7 tricks to entertain kids during Summer break.
 4.) How does Summer change the way you blog?
 5.) Describe what it was like meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend’s family for the first time.

My Dad brought home a dog, he found at the local gas station. We had many animals at the time, so adding a stray dog wasn't a huge shock. She was a beautiful red and white Brittany Spaniel, and Dad told us she was a hunting dog, and could be really expensive. He just couldn't understand why anyone would just leave her there? The dog quickly joined our little menagerie of three other dogs, cats, horses, and a rabbit. She was beautiful to watch, when she ran through our fields. She was well mannered, loved to play fetch, and had a funny howl.

Little did we know that she would go into heat, and every dog  in the neighborhood would be in our front yard when I came home from school. My Dad had tied her on a very long chain to our front porch, to keep her from running off. I'm not even kidding when I tell you that there were seven male dogs all sitting or laying in our yard, it appeared they were all waiting for her attention. Thank goodness her heat quickly ended, and life resumed to normal.

We were later shocked at the damage she did to our yard, field, and under our porch. She dug holes every where! I'm talking about huge holes, deep enough you could stand in them. She dug a hole under our concrete front porch! We aren't sure if it was out of boredom or if she was trying to dig out small field rodents, but my goodness she could dig! As quickly as we would fill the holes, she would dig a hole nearby, it was an endless battle that went on for weeks.

My parents had enough, and started calling around to find her a good home. I came home from school one afternoon to find her gone, and I was surprised that I didn't miss her. I never really asked where she went, or what happened to her, it was just part of living on a farm. Lesson learned, just because you find a dog, it doesn't always mean it needs to come home with you. To my knowledge my Dad never picked up another stray!

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  1. I'm glad they were just laying in the yard! lol I know several that would be fighting should a female in heat be around!

    Erin @ My Name is Erin

  2. My grandfather picked up a stray Britney Spaniel once, and brought it back to the farm. Bo would try to retrieve your fishing hooks when you cast them out to the middle of the pond to fish.

    He wasn't very bright.

  3. Probably why someone left her at the gas station to begin with! :)

  4. Hehe...we got a little puppy last summer who was a bundle of energy. I just threw my hands up and let him dig in the yard a little from time to time...but I had to fess up and make him stop when my husband started making "possum hunting plans." He wasn't too happy when he found out I'd allowed the digging...guess I should have pointed out that it could be worse! ;)

  5. Gotta love the things pets teach us! My parents were known to pick up a stray or two when I was a teenager, but as an adult I have as of yet to open my home to a stray. We did save three baby kittens from being drowned and boy, will I not own another cat. Glad you got to enjoy him for awhile, even if it wasn't meant to be. Visiting from Mama Kat's!