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{Review} Still "Wilding" Out - Anteater Bug Vac

Still "Wilding" Out - Anteater Bug Vac

Macaroni Review - Uncle Milton National Geographic's "Wild" Toys
By: Jenny Fortner

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Jenny Fortner

This marks Week 4 of reviewing Uncle Milton Nat Geo Wild Toys. This most definitely has been the coolest and favorite toy of our family thus far. My kids really could not wait to get their hands on the Anteater Bug Vac, as they loved the very concept of the toy. We started our Ant Seeking Mission, with one goal in mind, to find the best ant specimen we could find! Once the four batteries were installed, the boys took turns looking the Anteater Bug Vac. My oldest removed the observation belly chamber, and noticed that there is a door that is spring loaded which closes when removed from the Anteater Bug Vac. My youngest loved that the tail, is the handle, and it fits into his hands.
We found a small ant mound, and learned that you have to be quick if you want to catch an ant. The ants were busy gathering food and dragging leaves and other bugs into their nest. One larger ant stopped long enough for the boys to decide that it was the one that needed to be studied. My youngest son, placed the Anteater Bug Vac over the ant, pressed the button, and sucked the ant up! We then each took turns studying and looking at the little ant as it crawled around in the observation chamber.

We continued our walk, and saw a huge ant working really hard to drag a caterpillar back to his colony. My five year old, then said he needed to see the ant up close, and prepared the Anteater Bug Vac. He placed the nose over the ant, pressed the button, listened for the vacuum to start, and the ant was now contained in the collection chamber. Or, so we thought, this was one smart ant and it was not happy that it was just sucked up into an Anteater Bug Vac! The huge ant was smart enough to crawl back out of the collection chamber, and back out of the long nose of the toy. It crawled out of the Anteater Bug Vac, onto my son’s hand, and he screamed like a little girl! I have never heard my son scream like this; he was not bitten or hurt…just really surprised that the ant crawled back out. We quickly learned that the collection chamber needs to be removed from the toy, for the spring loaded door to close completely. The super smart ant, was back to work, and was not harmed or startled!

Do your kids love bugs? Have they wanted to get closer to speciemens and just didn't know how to catch them? Have a "wild" craving? Check out the Anteater Bug Vac!
*I was not compensated for this review, but sent the Anteater Bug Vac for my personal review on behalf of Uncle Milton and Macaroni Kid Northwest Baltimore.

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