{Giveaway CLOSED} Why Feel Guilty About Dessert? Yonanas!

Congratulations to Mary and Linda, they each have won a Yonanas, and no longer have to feel guilty about dessert!

As you look for ways to boost your intake of minerals and vitamins, improve your athletic performance or shed those unwanted pounds, you might not have to look much further than a simple banana. Available year round in its own environmentally-friendly packaging, the Banana is a healthy choice for the young and the old. Your yonanas maker will turn those over-ripe bananas into a delicious and creamy treat that looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream.
  • A bowl of Simply Yonanas (1/2 C serving) = approximately 100 calories. Add in your favorite fruits like blueberries and raspberries or even some high antioxidant dark chocolate and you have created a healthy and delicious treat. The calories may bump up a little bit but you started with an amazing fruit foundation!

Ingredients: 2 frozen ripe bananas, 2 oz dark chocolate, 2 teaspoons finely ground espresso powder, 1/2 crushed candy cane

1. Sprinkle espresso powder & crushed candy cane over bananas
2. Insert one frozen banana
3. Add 2 oz dark chocolate
4. Insert second frozen banana
5. Stir in bowl to combine

 ~Recipe submitted by: Ashley O~

Banana Preparation
1. Purchase Dole bananas one week prior to peeling and freezing.  Allow bananas to over-ripen (cheetah spots) should be fully developed on bananas.

2. Peel and freeze over-ripe bananas at least 24 hours before use.  Freeze bananas in a storage container or re-sealable plastic bag.

How to Make yonanas
1. Making yonanas is simple!  To ensure frozen fruit runs through the machine easily, we recommend you thaw the frozen bananas and additional frozen fruit approximately 7-10 minutes just before use.

Freezers are different and this will dictate whether or not you will run frozen fruit immediately through the yonanas maker, or need to thaw a few minutes.  If storing fruit in a cooler with ice or dry ice, you will also need to take into consideration how cold the fruit is.  If it is too thawed, the product is not as ice-cream like.

2. The yonanas maker consists of two pieces: the motor base and the chute assembly.  Ensure the chute assembly is locked in at 12:00.  This safety feature will lock the chute in place and allow the machine to turn on and off. 
There is just one button!  On & Off.

3. Insert frozen fruit into the chute and push the fruit down using the plunger.  Alternate between pieces of bananas and additional fruit when pushing fruit through the chute to help blend the yonanas together.

4. It takes seconds to enjoy yonanas!

5. Remove the chute assembly from the yonanas maker base, unscrew the cone and scrape out any extra yonanas that might be there.

How to Clean yonanas
1. To clean your yonanas maker separate all the parts in the chute assembly and clean them in soapy water or the dishwasher.

2. Ensure parts are completely dry before reassembling.

Want to win a Yonanas maker? Two lucky readers will win a Yonanas maker, just in time for the Holidays!

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USA addresses only (No P.O. Box) Winner will be contacted by email, and product sent directly from Yonanas, once home address and phone number has been provided. Winner has 48 hours to respond, before another winner is selected.

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  1. This looks pretty cool! Is it really pretty easy to use?

  2. I would use Dole Bananas, and some Dole frozen Dark Sweet Cherries!

  3. I would love to use bananas and pineapples. Thanks for the incredible giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  4. Congrats Linda and Mary and thanks again for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  5. Dear Jenny,
    I was so excited yesterday when I received the Yonanas box sitting on the front porch! I can not beleive how easy it is to use and how great it taste! I have to admit I went with bananas and pineapples and it was amazing. Thank you again for the opportunity. Will watch for your giveaways


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