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Easter Picture

Our baby sitter's daughter, Lisa Fuller, takes pictures of the kiddos, while we are at work...all you do is supply the clothes, when you drop them off in the morning. She does the is very stress free! But, with my 2 boys, who knows how the pictures will turn out! Hold on to your's a picture of BOTH boys.... TOGETHER! You have to chuckle at Mikey's "cheesy" smile and that Ryan, wants to run out of the picture... but I love it!Happy Easter, from the Fortner's!

WrestleMania XXVI

Daddy and Mikey were very excited about watching WrestleMania! You would have thought it was a holiday!

Mikey ran over to his toy shelf and got all of his wrestling guys!

We will miss you Shawn Michaels! HBK forever!

Candy and Palms

We went to Crown Candy for the first time, with Grandma and Dylan, to get a few Easter goodies.
This candy store was a staple of Grandma's youth, as she grew up just a few blocks away.

Mikey watching the construction across the street from Crown Candy!
Mikey and Dylan, holding their selections of chocolate!
We have called Mikey "Spider Monkey," for the last few months. So, I thought a chocolate Easter Monkey, was fitting, in place of the typical chocolate bunny!
Ryan, Dylan, and Mikey before Palm Sunday Mass.

Dylan served Mass, and helped hand out the Palms.

Spring Fever!

We finally made it to the play ground! We have had Spring Fever...bad! We loaded up the stroller, and went for a walk, ending up at the play ground! Mikey was SOOOO happy!! He is getting so big! Last summer his chin was at the parallel it is at his shoulders!
Ryan amused himself, by taking off his shoes. He has figured out Velcro!
Ryan liked the play ground too!

Mikey and his static hair.
Glad we were finally able to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine!

Train Ride

Mikey has discovered that the mall has a train!
He was SO happy that the "engine" had a little bell for him to ring during the train ride!

All aboard!
He loved the train!

Added bonus...stores that SELL trains!


Handy Manny

We went to the St. Louis Mills mall for the Handy Manny Event. When we arrived it was already packed! Mikey was less than thrilled that we had to wait in line to get our goodies.

Watching the new "Handy Manny's Big Race."

Ryan was a little overwhelmed with all the people.

We headed home, so Mikey could do his coloring and make his tool box, as space was at a miniumum to color at the mall. Mikey waving his flag!

Mikey waiting to do stickers! Almost as fun as a glue stick...but just not the same!

Mikey couldn't wait to put all of his tools in his new tool box!
All of his completed projects!
***Thank you Radio Disney for all of the freebies.***

Day St.Patricks Happy???

We feasted on corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. (Thank you Grandma Fortner!) Mommy thought a little St. Patrick's day craft was in order... it was entertaining to say the least! Mike is getting better at using the glue stick! It's his favorite part...

Mikey's master piece.... "Day St.Patrick's Happy"

Ryan checking out Mikey's coloring skills.



Mikey and Ryan

Tents and French Fries

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to spend the afternoon with them for Grandma's Birthday! Grandma surprised the boys with Dylan's old tent and tunnels! I surprised Mikey, through the top of the tunnel.

Ryan wasn't quite sure what to think.

Ryan had his first french fries....and loved them!

Ryan's 1st Birthday Dinner

We thought we would keep things simple for Ryan's 1st birthday, and just have a family dinner at home. Gigi, Grandma and Papa Lee, Dylan, and Grandma and Papa Fortner all joined us for BBQ and cupcakes!
Mommy made a banner! Sock Monkey and a shirt designed by Mommy!

Gigi was the first to arrive, and Mikey asked her to read a book while they waited for everyone else!

Ryan is walking!

Ryan and his Sock Monkey 1st birthday shirt.

Grandma and Papa were the next to arrive!

Mommy and Ryan

Grandma and Papa are here!

Daddy and Mommy

Dylan was a huge help! Ryan thought it would just be easier to lick the present, than actually open it...he has a lot to learn!

Mikey helped Ryan blow out his candle!

Daddy and Ryan
Thank you everyone for the birthday goodies, calls, and happy birthday wishes!