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Father's Day

Father's Day 2009 Mike, Mikey, Ryan, and I went to breakfast at Bob Evans. We then Met Grandma Lee at Grandpa's fire house. Grandpa Lee's fire truck.
Oh my gosh, I get to try on Pa-pa's fire helmet!

Mikey thought Grandpa's fire helmet was awesome, until he found out how heavy it was, so Daddy had to help him try it on.

Grandma Lee and Ryan

We then went to Grandma and grandpa Fortner's for an early dinner, and to play in the water.

Dylan and Mikey...a pair of really cool dudes!

Ryan was content to stay in doors, thank you! It was his first time in the Johnny-jump-up.

Mikey and Ryan
Mikey had Dylan had a blast playing in the water.
Spray me with the hose Daddy!
Mikey was laughing really hard, and thought it would be funny to get as close to the hose as possible!

Mikey then told Daddy he was done! Go in NOW?

Magic House

On Saturday Ryan, Mikey, and I met Grandma Lee at the Magic House in Kirkwood, MO.
This is a chalk drawing, that had been drawn on the concrete the day before.

Mikey like opening each door to the alphabet wall, guess which letter was his favorite? The letter "T," because it had a train inside!
The bells were really fun!
Mikey played with this exhibit for a long time because it had a tennis ball that rolled down, and rang each little bell as it passed by.
Mikey wanted to play with the sand, until he realized that it stuck to his hands, and he saw that the slide was next...
Mikey rode the slide 10 times in a row!
Tea party with Grandma! Would you like 1 lump of sugar or two?

Ryan - Mommy - Mikey It was a great day at the Magic House. Mikey really had a good time...Mommy and Grandma were exhausted!

Stickers and Dinner with Gi-gi

When I picked up the boys today from the baby sitter's house, Mikey was covered in stickers. He and Mason apparently had fun for about 30 minutes, sticking them all over each other. You should have seen Mason... Then we met Gi-gi for dinner. Mikey covered in stickers!
Look Gi-gi, this rocking chair is my size!
(See all of Mikey's stickers?)

This one is to big!

Ryan was entertained by the booties on this feet, he spent most of the meal pulling them off.

Gi-gi talked Mikey into taking off all of his stickers, and putting them on his menu.

One last sticker on his cheek...thanks Gi-gi. Your wisdom never ceases to amaze me!

A Simple Day at Home

Ryan, happy in his bouncy seat.
Mikey & Ryan

Mikey playing with his FP Noah's Ark. He loves taking all of the animals out, and putting them back into the ark.

He finally crashed in Daddy's chair, after a morning of playing with Daddy.

Race for the Cure

Mommy and her friend Carrie walked the Race for the Cure, for breast cancer. (It was a very early morning.) The boys were still sound asleep, when she left the house. They boys spent the morning with grandma!
When Mommy came home, this is what she found...Mikey looking for "dirt," in the rock garden.
He was playing in the tree mulch,with his tractor, happy as could be!

Ryan is 3 Months Old!


Bed Head

Mikey had some serious bed head this morning! Daddy called him a "Chicken head!" Nothing a hat can't fix!

Ryan was not impressed with Mikey's hat!

Ryan loves his play mat and gym.

He had a whole conversation with the frog.

Then he tried to talk to the bird, but it wouldn't talk back.

Circus Flora

Mikey and Daddy before leaving the house.

Circus Flora

Mikey and Daddy

These jugglers were outside entertaining the crowd prior to the show.

The Fortner's
Mommy, Ryan, Mikey & Daddy

Mike & Dean

Mary with her cotton candy

Circus Flora is a single ring circus.

Mikey needed popcorn and a pretzel.

Mmmm, good pretzel! Thanks Daddy.

In our seats waiting for the show to start. Do you see Ryan?

Mary and Nino the Clown

Mommy, Ryan, Nino the Clown, and Mikey