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Halloween 2010

Mikey in his "Boy Next Door" Shirt. Ryan

Mikey and Dylan putting the track together to have a Matchbox car race.

Mini Chef Mikey and Ryan the Lobster

Dylan as a skeleton



Ryan, was looking to see if any goodies were in Mikey's bucket.

Dylan and Mikey trick or treating

Mikey, Dylan, and Ryan checking out the decorations on Jefferson St.

Each yard was decorated! The boys loved it

This yard had a grave yard theme!

One trick or treater did NOT make it!

Mikey and Daddy checking out the hearse.

Our little Chef passed out from all the fun!

Great Pumpkin Event

Bass*Pro had another FREE family event, and it was all about "The Great Pumpkin!" Mikey, was excited that he would be in a "parade" around the store! Mikey and Ryan, looked at the fish, while we waited in line.Mikey wanted to wear his Super Hero cape, instead of his costume!Getting the boys to stand still long enough to get the picture was a challenge!We had just watched the movie on Thursday, so Mikey knew all of the names: Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy!The final picture turned out great!
P.S. - Ask Mikey to say Charlie Brown, the next time you see him! It sounds more like "SHARlie" ...too cute!

Pumpkins and Pizza

Mikey and Mason taking out the "guts" of the pumpkin. Mikey and Mason..."How many tools, do we need for the job?" Where as Ryan, thought he just might go with the "taste and see" method... Ryan, watching the older boys very intently!What's better than pumpkin carving? A pizza party!!! Lisa found a pizza place that was doing pumpkin shaped pizzas!**Thanks Lisa for sharing these pictures!**

Spooky Hat

Another FREE event at Michael*s. This time it was a "Spooky Hat," made out of foam. Mikey was too funny..."Mommy I need more triangles, and the eyes are circles!"


Our family headed to "Pumpkinland" at Thies Farm, as Mikey had been asking all week to go to a real pumpkin patch.
"How tall am I?"
Mikey and Ryan sitting on the pyramid of hay. (Might I mention that my little monkey, Mikey climbed all the way to the top...Mommy almost had a heart attack.)
Daddy, Mikey and Ryan checking out the animals.
Ryan checking out the tire maze.
"This is a good place to hide!"
Ryan and Mikey found real corn!

Mikey climbing the spider web, to get to the slide.

Ryan thought it would be better to just sit and watch.

**Theis Farm was awesome! The boys loved it!**

Fall Leaves

Lisa took a few pictures of the boys as they played in the leaves in Toni's yard. Ryan and Mason really enjoyed it...Mikey not so much. Ryan thought the texture of the leaves was strange...

Leaves are crunchy...

Mason and Ryan

New Shirt...Blame Daddy?

"Daddy's in Charge (Blame him.)"
Mikey was playing with his dump truck. Notice the aftermath of a wicked train derailment?


Dropping by to See Dylan

Since we were so close, we thought we would surprise Dylan after he got out of school. The boys, holding their new PEZ dispensers.
Grandpa's home from working at the Zoo! Mikey, Ryan, and Carl