Monday, July 30, 2012

{Review} FruitziO and Back to School Lunches!

Do you have a student heading back to school? My little guy heads to Kindergarten next month, and I have already started thinking about what to pack in his lunch box. What can I send, other than his sandwich and carrots? What can he manage to open or peel on his own? When I heard about FruitziO and Crispy Green freeze-dried fruit snacks, I was excited to be sending great healthy snacks to school! I surprised my two little guys, with a picnic in the back yard, so we could try the many great varieties offered by Crispy Green and Fruitzio!  These freeze-dried fruit snacks crunch like chips, and taste amazing! My little guy said he can not wait to take the Apples & Strawberries in his new lunchbox, and might even share with his friends! He then asked, "Do you think my teacher might want to try them too?" He wants to share his snacks with his new teacher, and I think it is a great idea!  I am so excited to offer great alternatives and options that encourage healthy eating!

FruitziO and Crispy Green come in quick and easy packaging, the perfect size for my son's lunch box. My son can not wait to select his own FruitziO or Crispy Green pack from our pantry! The more he can help to get out the door in the early morning, the happier this Momma will be! Every Mom wants to send healthy lunches, and FruitziO is your solution! So quick, so easy, so healthy!
Back-to-school time brings a sense of relief to most parents. The return of peace and quiet at home and settling back into "normal" daily routines are things many parents look forward to by the end of the summer. At the same time, they are starting to worry about their own back-to-school assignments, such as buying school supplies and new clothes. But for many parents, deciding what to pack in their kids’ school lunches has become one of the toughest jobs.The good news is that Crispy Green® has just the right solution for all parents who are searching for healthy snacks that are nutritious, portable, mess-free and kid-friendly.

Light, sweet and crunchy, Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit® and FruitziO® all-natural freeze-dried fruit snacks are a perfectly portable and mess-free alternative to fresh fruit and a great guilt-free substitute for other snacks that fill your kids with fat, sodium and empty calories. All Crispy Green products are packed with 100-percent real-fruit taste; are free from preservatives (including sulfides), fat,cholesterol and sodium; and are vegan-friendly, peanut-free and tree-nut-free, gluten-free and kosher-certified. This makes them a delicious, healthy snack choice that is full of natural fruit flavor and available at your fingertips.

“Having a healthy snack option that is delicious, portable and mess-free helps busy moms and dads grab a snack that they don’t have to think twice about,” says Angela Liu, President and Founder of Crispy Green. “CrispyFruit and FruitziO make it easier than ever to keep your kids happy while providing them with the nutrition of real fruit – without compromising on taste.”

Available in six delicious flavors, Crispy Fruit comes in single-serving bags (MSRP: $1.49 each) that provide approximately one serving of fruit and 55 calories or less per bag. Made with the finest freeze-dried fruit slices with just a hint of pure cane sugar, FruitziO combines the wholesomeness of fresh fruit with a sweet taste. Packaged in travel-friendly,moisture-free, 25-gram (.88 ounce) resealable pouches (MSRP:$3.49), each package contains less than 100 calories and comes in five great-tasting varieties: Apples & Strawberries, Apricots, Kiwi, Peaches and Strawberries.Crispy Fruit and FruitziO are the perfect go-anywhere healthy snack, providing the mess-free convenience of a bag of chips but with the nutritious value and the delicious taste of real fruit.

Crispy Green Inc. (www.crispygreen.com) is the maker of Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit all-natural freeze-dried fruit snacks--"real fruit, real taste, nothing else!” and the new line of FruitziO® freeze-dried fruit snacks with a hint of pure cane sugar. The Crispy Green Crispy Fruit and FruitziO lines of snacks are made of only the finest fruits available. A sophisticated freeze-drying process removes the water from fresh, sweet fruit, leaving behind the fruit’s true essence in a light and crispy texture that’s perfect for snacking. Crispy Fruit and FruitziO are a delicious, convenient way to add more fruit to your daily diet. The company was founded in August 2004 with a vision to be the leading provider of high-quality natural food products desired by everyone who wants to live a healthy and better life. In 2005, Crispy Green introduced its line of Crispy Green Crispy Fruit in the United States. Since then, Crispy Green has been adding one new product each year to its product line to meet its rapidly growing distribution footprint. In 2009, Crispy Green launched FruitziO Strawberry, the first product in its line of FruitziO freeze-dried fruit snacks.

Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit and FruitziO products are available online and in stores such as The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle Market District, Earth Fare and selected Whole Foods markets. To find a retailer in your area that carries Crispy Fruit and FruitziO products, go to www.crispygreen.com/where-to-buy.html. For more information, please visit www.crispygreen.com. For news updates, information and special offers, follow Crispy Green and FruitziO on Twitter @CrispyGreen and @FruitziO and become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/crispygreen.

What are you sending in your child's lunch bag? Are you seeking healthy snacks to send with your child? Is your child excited to take their lunch to school?

*This was a sponsored post, thanks to FruitziO and Crispy Green, my family gladly sampled their products, so that I could share the great news with my readers. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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Back to School: All About the Lunch Box

As we are less than 30 days away from Kindergarten, we have been talking and preparing for the big day. After our visit to St. Louis, we have enjoyed watching the boys playing with the lunch boxes that our nephew no longer wanted. (We jokingly call them their "Murses," meaning "man-purse.") We wanted to introduce Mikey to a lunch box/bag prior to school so he could work with the zipper, we had no idea the fun that would come out of it! Ryan walks all over the house with his "murse," and puts everything he can stuff inside of it! From his blanket, to toys, snacks, crayons, or cars...basically if it fits, he carries it around all day. It is so funny to hear Ryan ask "Where is my murse?"Mikey on the other hand takes it very seriously, and has been asking to put his lunch in there so he can prepare for school! He tries so hard to open his packages, or containers all by himself with a very concentrated face. He wants to be able to be independent and tries very hard! Watching him unzip, open, and set out his lunch, has been very entertaining, and I hope he does well with it at school.

We asked Mikey what kind of lunch box he wanted, and he gave it some thought, and told us he wanted a Batman lunch box. "Batman, really son? Are you sure?" I asked him this question several different ways, and he always answered the same way. He tilted his head, and said "Yes, I want a Batman lunch box." Well, to say I was surprised was  putting it mildly, as he does not have one action figure, DVD, or toy that is Batman. So, I have no idea where he came up with Batman, but he was set on it!

Our days are filled with lots of fun, and if it helps us prepare for Kindergarten, then we will pretend and have lunch at home in our new lunch bags! How are you preparing your Kindergartner? Does the idea of a lunch bag with zippers, packages, and containers blow their minds? What kind of lunchbox did your little guy ask for?
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

St. Louis Meets Washington D.C.

When my nephew was asked how he wanted to spend his summer vacation or where he wanted to go, without hesitation he said he wanted to see our Nation's Capital. Dylan said he wanted to see three things, the inside of NCIS, the Navy Yard, and the Pentagon...sadly you just can't walk into these locations! He still wanted to see Washington D.C., and we were able to join them today for some fun! We headed to George town for lunch, and took them to Old Glory Barbecue...it was so delicious! After a drive around the city, we walked around the Washington Monument, and the World War II Memorial. (Yes, it was an afternoon spent, almost like our trip in May!) The St. Louis Fortner's will take on Washington D.C. for the next seven days, and I am so happy we were able to join them!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bring on the Olympic Games!

As a family we watched the London Olympic Opening Ceremony. Mikey thought many parts were confusing, and I had to explain what a Maypole was, and why Lord Voldemort was so creepy! Ryan was oblivious as to what was going on, but asked why the kids were jumping on the beds? I myself was sadly disappointed, as a huge fan for as long as I can remember, I have never felt this way!

So, I say the heck with the pageantry, bring on the games! I can not wait to see Phelps and Lochte go head to head!(I am personally hoping Phelps gets his 3 medals to set the record, but that Lochte gets everything else!) The Fab Five, of the female gymnastics team are going to give China, a run for their money! I will be watching as Bolt, the fastest man in the world tries to set even more world records in track and field! I wish that some of the lesser followed Olympic sports would get more air time, such as USA Wrestling, but I will just have to stay up to date online! Gosh, I just love the Olympics!

Have you seen the US Swim team's "Call Me Maybe," video? It is awesome!!!

What will you be watching? What are you the most excited to see? Who are you cheering for?
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christmas in July: Elf Mischief Blunders

Elf Mischief isn't always smooth sailing...there are blunders! Just to name a few:
  • The kids are wired, and just wont go to bed
  • The youngest child wakes up, while you are setting up, and walks into the room
  • Elves fall over or off of the table...and end up on the floor
  • Exhaustion sets in, and you are just too tired to think of a new idea
  • Finding your elf has been kidnapped by the family pet
  • Elf Mischief mess leaves a stain or something ends up broken
  • You forget to take pictures of the Elf Mischief
The fun is not always flawless, and no one expects perfection! The idea is to have fun, and think quick! Elf Mischief is all about surprise, and sometimes you just cant make everything turn out the way you want. So, how do you answer questions or explain blunders to your little smartie pants?
  1. Tell them the elves can not cause mischief unless they are sound asleep!
  2. Tell your youngest child you were just helping the elves for one night, as they have to make a quick run to the North Pole, and they asked for help.
  3. Tell them accidents happen, or maybe your elf fell asleep waiting for you to wake up.
  4. Tell them your elves needed a night off or they were called back to the North Pole as there was an emergency at the toy factory.
  5. Tell them that your dog wanted in on the fun, and the elves tried to pretend he was a reindeer.
  6. Tell them accidents happen, but if the stain doesn't come out...they just made the naughty list.
  7. After you are finished kicking yourself...ask if you can take a few pictures of the elves to show your friends?

I was amazed at the little blunders that popped up, but the kids were clueless or just didn't over think about my little mistakes. I just laugh at these fun little blunders, and remind myself that it really isn't that big of a deal! Have you been caught setting up? Did your child ask questions about  an "oops or mistake?" Did you forget to setup Elf Mischief, and the kids called you out or asked why they didn't do anything?

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Christmas in July: Elf Mischief...Why Do It?

Have you seen all of the pins dedicated to Elf Mischief, Elf on the Shelf, or Christmas Elves on Pinterest? Have you wondered what the heck is going on? Why the interest in Elf Mischief?

I'm going to give you the cliff notes:
  1. The Christmas Tradition is simple! An elf shows up at your house, and he or she does silly things each night while your child sleeps.
  2. There are many versions and ways each family does it...no set rules.
  3. Some families set their elf up high on a shelf, so that the elf can observe and report back to Santa.
  4. Most elves arrive the day after Thanksgiving or on December first.
  5. Some elf kits have magic dust, and require you to "feed," the elf each night prior to going to bed.
  6. The elf returns with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
So, the question is...why do it? Why spend the time and effort to plan and set up something each night, when the holiday season is already crazy enough as it is? Don't I already have enough going on at that time of the year?

The thing I love about Elf Mischief is the look of wonder and awe on my boys faces, when they crawl out of bed! They are both still asleep and have bed head, so in their sleepy voices I hear, "Look what Buddy the Elf did last night!" They get more excited as the days pass, and the closer it is to Christmas the more they know to look for them each morning. (We had a 6am wake up last year, as it finally "clicked," with my three year old!) The boys ask about the elves year round, and wonder if they are coming back this year?

Our Elves, Buddy and Max, arrive the day after Thanksgiving. They have a place of honor on our fire place mantle. The boys know that we do not play with them, as they are not toys. (I have heard of families allowing their kids to play with the elves during the day...remember what ever works for you. No rules!) They boys say good night the the elves, and they head to bed. When I know that the boys are really asleep, ad will not venture into the living room, I get to work setting up the mischief! A few things the elves have done over the last 3 years:
  • Made snowflakes out of copy paper
  • Setup the family holiday train and put it under the tree
  • Ate all of the left over Halloween candy
  • Made a mess in the kitchen while baking cookies
  • Left a craft kit out to make a ginger bread house out of craft foam
  • Set up a photo shoot, and left behind a book of last year's adventures
  • Repealing down the Christmas tree
  • Circled all of the cool toys in the holiday newspaper ads
  • Went on a camp out
  • Went skiing on candy cane skis
  • Covered the Christmas tree in underwear and training pants
  • Set up the Nativity Blocks
Once the big reveal is over, we either leave the decorations or surprise out for the day, but my boys know they have to help clean up any messes. Once the boys have "thanked," the elves for the fun surprise, they help return them to their place of honor on the mantle. Yes, it takes time to get creative and set up each night, but if you are thinking about adopting elves for the first time this year...I promise you, your kids will love it! I try very hard to do the "leg work," in advance, as it is late when the kids are finally asleep, but I enjoy it!

If you have questions, just ask! I would love to chat with you about it! Otherwise Google Elf Mischief, Magic Elf, or Elf on the Shelf, as there are many ideas and lots of information out there that will help further explain what and how to take part in this family Christmas Tradition!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Review} Back to School with Customizo.com

Its time to head back to school! Ever wanted to design something for your school, sports team, club, or group with the latest on-line tools? Did you know that as a group, you can collaborate together online? Customizo.com would love to help you setup a design that you can all work together to make your group stand out! Your next school shirt can be exactly what your group wants it to be. Do your young kids have input to what their club shirt needs to look like? Do they have a color, logo, drawing, or picture they want used for their sports team tee shirts? Customizo.com is your solution! Did I mention you can also earn Box Tops for Education through their C-Store for your school? As a mom, I love that I can collaborate with my team members through the Design Studio or Groupizo social platform, and that our purchase can give back to our school through Box Tops. They have many Hanes Tee shirts, Pullovers, Sweatshirts, and Polos in many colors to choose from, that all are part of the  Hanes4Education that can give you cash for your school!
Izo's flagship site, Customizo.com, offers state-of-the-art design software and a social networking platform unlike anything else on the web. Whether getting t-shirts for a baseball team, designing hats for an entire company, or ordering yoga pants for a local studio, Customizo lets users do everything in one place - with patented software that goes beyond basic fonts and designs, In addition, the site offers top-of-the-line brands, including American Apparel, Nike, Adidas, and Champion. And with FREE shipping, apparelled customer service and price match guarantees on group orders the benefits are clear.

Customizo offers three main components that differ from other online design sites and promotional product companies:

Design Studio: Developed with Adobe Scene 7 at its core, the interactive Design Studio provides product design tools normally only available to professional graphic designers.Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, users can upload their own designs, create a design from scratch or work with an extensive assortment of design templates.

Groupizo: This social media platform allows members of any group, team, or organization or business do everything from creating and posting designs to voting on favorites to individual ordering. And with chat rooms and shareable design tools, everyone can work together to create the product that best fits the organizations needs.

Snapizo: The mobile component of Customizo, Snapizo lets users take an image with their iPhone and apply it to any Customizo product. See a great color, logo, or design? Snap it, post it, and use it in the design. In addition to sharing photos with group members, users can simultaneously post and share images via Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker.

Customizo.com can be found on Facebook and Twitter!

As we head back to school, Customizo would love to partner with your school, sports team, club, or organization to give you the latest in design features! Check them out today, and see what the future of promotional products looks like!

I am happy to share a special deal for my readers,
use coupon code CZ5520 for 20% off  Customizo.com!rel=”nofollow”

*This is a sponsored post from Customizo.com, I was compensated for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I only work with brands I myself have worked with.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Cirque du Soleil - Dralion - Press Event

Vladik Miagkostupov and Julie Desmarais

I had the honor of attending the press event for Cirque du Soleil - Dralion! I can not wait to share the details with you! Thanks goes out to Shae Jackson, of Macaroni Kid Downtown Baltimore, for the opportunity to see Vladik perform his amazing juggling act!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas in July: Ideas Not Suitable for Elf Mischief

If you are thinking about adopting a Christmas Elf, have you considered he or she might have been on the naughty list?  What does your Elf do all night, waiting for your little ones to wake up? Have you heard of Elf Off the Shelf? It is a parody of what can happen when you give your Elf a horrible name:
Elf Off the Shelf is available from Amazon.com

With this in mind, here are a few ideas that are funny, but NOT suitable for young children:
  1. Skinny dipping with Barbie in the hot tub
  2. Wine tasting night and a hangover the next morning
  3. Guess what is in my pocket...it isn't a candy cane
  4. Lets let the pets out of their cages...think small rodents or reptiles
  5. Who spiked the eggnog
  6. Playing soccer with the glass ball ornaments
  7. Writing Christmas bonus checks from Mom and Dad's checking account
  8. Guess what I found in Mommy's underwear drawer
  9. Everyone is getting coal...craft your own coal rocks
  10. Peeping Tom...and why the cops were called
Yes, there will come a time when your children lose the Christmas Spirit, and become teenagers, but I just don't think the above ideas are suitable for Elf Mischief. Yes, there will be a time and a place for such humor...especially if the kids are spending the night with Grandma! Save these ideas for a good laugh, once your sweet little angels are long gone from your home, and have their own little monsters.

Have you wondered what would happen if your Elf was on the naughty list? What if your Elf hated his name? Have you thought about exchanging "bad" elf ideas with other moms, just to make them laugh?

*This was not a review or sponsored post, I just wanted to share the book with my fellow Elf Moms, who have put many hours into Elf Mischief and just needed a good laugh.
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Christmas in July: Elf Mischief Tips

Are you a new reader? I'm going to share with you a secret...our house is visited by Christmas Elves. I want to share with you my own Christmas in July, Elf Mischief style! If you are a new reader, then you have never heard of Buddy and Max. If you have been around awhile, then you know that we have been lucky enough to have Buddy and Max in our lives for the last three years.

Here is the TRUTH...and why I am bringing you my own version of Christmas in July! Each year I spend months planning all of the fun things that our elves will do each night. For 30 days, there is something silly, crazy, or hands on that our elves do EVERY night, to surprise the boys when they wake up in the morning. Here is the truth, it takes time and effort to plan the fun, but your time and talents are put to great use!

Here are a few tips:
  1. Brainstorm and keep a list in your purse of ideas, even if it seems silly at the time! (Write the ideas down as they come to you.)
  2. Create a simple calendar, and list each activity on what date it will take place, way before November ever rolls around.
  3. Buy or find a large plastic container to start collecting fun things!
  4. Create a list of supplies to locate or purchase, and keep it with you, as you will be surprised as to where you will find items. Why buy or look for items in November, when you can find them now or find things on sale!
  5. Shop for bargains at Goodwill and thrift shops! (This is not intended to be an expensive activity!)
  6. Start making things now! Why scramble to make things in December, when you have the time now?
  7. Purchase or find an elf. I have seen and heard of many versions of Elf Mischief, there are many companies that sell elves, such as Elf Magic, Elf On a Shelf, Pop-In-Kins, or any plush elf doll. (A friend of mine happened to find our elves at a local religious store.)
You will find lots of ideas on Pinterest, but you will be amazed at how you will come up with ideas! Another huge resource for me has been sharing or bouncing ideas off other "Elf Moms." Three years ago when a dear friend shared the idea with me, I didn't know any other moms that had heard of Elf Mischief. Now I know of numerous families, that host one or more elves in their homes! Share ideas, and get creative...you can do this!!
Yes, it is work! Yes, my husband thinks I am nuts! Yes, you will need to get creative or crafty! Yes, my kids ask how many more months till Buddy and Max will return. My boys love each and everything the elves have surprised them with! I am the first to admit that around day 20, I can not wait to send them back to the North Pole, but seeing the looks on the boys faces makes it all worth it.

Want to see a few of my favorite nights from three years Elf Mischief in our home? Go ahead and Google "Elf Mischief," most of the pictures are of Buddy and Max or you can check these out!

Elves arrive via TP Reindeer and Sleigh
Elf Ski Resort
Elf Bubble Bath
Candy Cane Names
Elf Camp Out
I would love to answer any questions you may have or tell you more about our elves. Every family does there own version of Elf Mischief, that's one of the great things about it...no rules! Do what works for your family and your availability! Google it, check out Pinterest, or read my blog archives in the month of December, and you will get lots of ideas! You, can do this Momma!

Are you already an Elf home? What are the names of your elves? Best idea that you have seen? Lets talk all things elves, and start getting creative together!


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Counting Down to the London Olympic Games!

Less than 7 days, till the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games! I am so excited, I have always loved the summer games. I will be glued to the television to watch swimming, diving, gymnastics, and track and field! My family thought I was nuts during the Olympic trials, just waiting to see who would make the team. Sadly, wrestling does not get television time, otherwise I would be watching that too!

I can not wait to see how they open the games, as each Opening Ceremony is 100% unique to the country where the games are held. (I can not wait to see the Royal Family, and see the Queen!) I have always loved the parade of nations, and the introduction of the countries taking part in the games. There are huge delegations like the USA, but it is the really small countries that can only host a few athletes that really move me. I am also a sucker for what will they be wearing? Will it be a smart looking new sports suit or native costume? The Opening Ceremonies also includes the lighting of the Olympic flame, by a torch that has traveled the world to arrive to the host country! They always do it in a new way, how will they light it in London?

Will you be watching the Opening Ceremonies, next Friday night? Have an athlete that you can not wait to see walk into the stadium? Who are you cheering for?

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Honoring Aurora, Colorado

A tragedy happened this morning, in Aurora, Colorado while people attended the midnight premier of Batman Rises. A gunman opened fire into the theater, while the movie was playing. There are 12 dead, and 58 injured from this horrific act of violence.

I will not speak of the gunman, or speak of the atrocities that transpired. I want to honor those who perished and were injured, all while innocently watching a film they could not wait to see. All day there were hundreds of panicked tweets, of friends and family trying to make contact with the missing. Six local hospitals in Colorado helped tend to those with gunshot and burn wounds. Police who arrived on the scene, became emergency transport vehicles, as there were so many that needed to be rushed to a hospital. There are countless stories of parents, loved ones and complete strangers shielding the ones they love, or young children, by throwing themselves over their bodies. I am just in awe of the acts of valor and courage by the first responders, and the countless hours hospital staff worked together to assist the injured. I can not fathom the heartache that parents of the lost are feeling, especially as the received the official word that their loved ones were counted among the dead.

In the next few days, as names are released, will you join with me in talking about those that died and honoring their legacy? (Do not speak the name of the man who chose violence, rather than asking for help from medical professionals.) Lets honor the first responders and medical staff, by thanking them. Let us never forget the 12 people who perished, and make their names known. Join with me in honoring Aurora, Colorado, by praying for the families of the lost, who must go on without those they love. Take a moment to reflect on peace, and comfort in the coming days for those who mourn. Thank all first responders in your own community, tell them how much they do on a daily basis. Attend a local pray vigil or peace rally, light a candle, lift up their names, lower your flags to half staff, or honor them as you see fit.

Will you join me in honoring Aurora, Colorado?

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Port Discovery

Two SPUD-tastically Kickin' Local Exhibits

Mr. Potato Head Exhibit and Kick It Up at Port Discovery

top image
Discover the world of Mr. Potato Head and explore with him! Mr. Potato Head can dress up as anything he wants. What do you want to be when you grow up? Come dressed up in costume and explore! Create your own glow in the dark outer space potato head collage, search for potato head items in a Mr. Potato Head Scavenger Hunt, become an archeologist and compare living and extinct plants, enjoy activities with Maryland Farm Bureau Young Farmers, and more! - Press Release
Have you heard the news? Two new exciting exhibits have taken over the Port Discovery Children’s Museum!The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head and Kick It Up are all new this summer, and a great way to beat the heat. I was invited, along with my family to explore and play on behalf of Macaroni Kid Northwest Baltimore.
My five and three year old, quickly threw on the Safari Spud vests and hats and explored the Mr. Potato Head Spud Quest exhibit. Spud-tacular adventures awaited them: build your own Mr. Potato Head, archeological digging, an embossing machine, safari jeep, many interactive boards, and a playground. The boys loved embossing scorpions, silly feet, and underpants shapes on to supplied paper, from King Tato. I had never seen so many parts to choose from, at the build your own Mr. Potato table; a fashion diva could spend lots of time there selecting accessories from silly glasses to a floppy hat!

We then found that Space S.P.U.D had landed on the moon, and a space station awaited us. The kids found super space capes, to add to the mission experience, and engage them further to explore the wonder of space. The kids played at the control panel, tool board, and pretended to have a launch mission. Through interactive panels, crawl through tubes, and things to be fixed, the boys considered their space mission a huge success. Nearby were the mysteries of the deep ocean, with Jacques Coustato. My three year old loved the water panels, and ride on fish.
As we were walking to the next part of the exhibit, the Spud of the hour arrived! We gladly had our pictures taken with Mr. Potato head, before he headed back to his next Spud Quest Adventure. (Mr. Potato Head is available throughout the day for your personal camera photographs.)

We climbed, played, explored, and journeyed through the rest of Port Discovery. The interactive grocery store, produce cart, train, gas station, crane, pet store, and science lab exhibits were educational and awesome. My little guys loved that it was Littles Day, and focused on children under the age of five. From coloring finger puppets and masks to a bounce house, the kids felt special and included.

The final leg of our journey at Port Discovery was the new exhibit, which focuses 100% on health and fitness. Have you ever wondered what a professional soccer stadium would feel like through the eyes of a child? With over sized soccer goals, an electronic score board, and soccer balls; our kids had a blast playing a quick game of soccer! The new exhibit will host many physically engaging games and sports in the near future. When not set up as a soccer field, the exhibit space will host an electronic games arena and “i-dance off” competitions. The exhibit has many electronic signage with healthy tips and nutrition ideas.
Our family had a blast and cannot wait to go back! Want to join in on the fun? Check out The Adventures of MR. POTATO HEAD and Kick It Up, just visit the box office!
$13.95 for ages 2 and up
Members and children younger than two years: FREE
See website for hours, parking, and FAQ or to learn more.

*I was not compensated for this review. We were given 4 tickets via Port Discovery and Macaroni Kid NW Baltimore. 
About the Author
Jenny Fortner is a mom, trying to hold onto her sanity, while writing “The Green Eyed Momma,” blog and chasing after two little boys. In her free time she stays up all hours of the night crafting, baking, and finding the next local event to attend with her family. Jenny resides in the Greater Baltimore area, with her husband and best friend, Chef Mike. Check out and follow her blog atwww.greeneyedmomma.com or find her on twitter@green_eyedmomma 

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