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Ryan's First Haircut

Ryan wasn't quite sure what was going on, so he was a little nervous.
"Hey Dylan, whats going on?"

"The chair is very high off the ground...wonder why I am here?"

"This looks fun...I get a cape."

Ryan just did not want to sit still, so grandma had to help while Carrie cut the back. (Mommy was sad to see his little curls go!)
Ryan looked great...amazing what a haircut can do!
Mikey also sat in the chair, and got a sharp new haircut, as well!

Fill the Boot

Our family has always supported the "Fill The Boot," as all of the local fire deprtments hit the streets to supprt Jerry's Kids.
Mikey was so excited to see the St.Charles Fire Department's truck up close!


Mikey and Ryan couldn't wait to put their donation into the boot!

Free Craft Time at Michael*s

I thought we would try craft time, at Michael's Craft Store, as it was free! (After the last FAIL, I wasnt sure how Mikey would do...) The activity was advertised as a hand printactivity with modeling clay. Unfortunately, they only had "sample" size bags to make the craft, so it ended up being a thumbprint craft.
Mikey went with the flow, end up making his in the shape of fishes.

Mikey and his completed project.

Fun in the Car with Daddy

Daddy surprised the boys, by picking them up early from the baby sitter, and took these pictures with his camera phone! -Ryan- Yes, he is licking the seat... so proud! Mikey and his "Cool" sun glasses!

Cars Anyone?

Ryan loves his Disney Pixar Cars, and drags them every where. Mikey and Ryan were using the upper balcony as a road.

He has a death grip on them when he carries them around the house. He tucks them under his chin, when he thinks big brother, Mikey, is going to come over and try to play with them.

"Dude...I am not going to steal your cars."

Just a Little Dirt

Ryan couldn't wait to play on Grandma's new front porch! It was a beautiful morning, so we just enjoyed being outside.

Once we were all fed and dressed for the day, Mikey asked if he could go play in Grandma's dirt!

He brought out his bulldozer and front loader.
This was a well thought out construction site, as dirt was every where!

When Mommy returned from the BBQ Competition, the boys were back to playing in the dirt.

Dirt and shade, make for a great afternoon! Even if it was 99+ degrees outside!

Both boys loved playing in the dirt!

Once back home, Mikey couldn't wait to cut into the watermelon, that he picked out!
***There was just a little dirt in their shoes, once we got home! The boys had a blast! Thanks Mom and Dad for spending the weekend with the boys!***

The Great Pacific BBQ Competition

Mike competed in the Great Pacific BBQ Competition. It was held in Pacific City Park, were I spent many days as a teenager!
Mike's BBQ tent

The van and smoker

Bobby Tom's submitted in each of the 4 meat categories: chicken, pulled pork, ribs, and beef brisket. They also took part in the "People's Choice."

The ribs were beautiful and delicious!

Mike's teammate, Joe turning in the ribs to the judges.

Mike plating the beef brisket.

I have never seen a beef brisket this moist, and it had an amazing taste!


MikeThere were 37 teams competing, and a wide variety of flavors and BBQ styles. Mike and Joe worked really hard and learned so much from this weekend. They will travel next weekend! The boys and I will continue to cheer them on! We are so proud of you!

Zoo Train

When we arrived at the Zoo, Mikey heard the Zooline Train whistle! All day he asked if he could ride the train. Waiting for the Conductor to say "All Aboard!"

Mommy, Mikey, and Ryan waiting to ride the train!

Mikey was SO excited, and talked the whole ride, about how the train would go though tunnels.

"We need more tickets, what do you mean we have to get off the train?"
***See Mikey's eye? He fell off of a bench while at the show...boys will be boys.***


Mikey and Ryan were invited to go to the Zoo, with the Wasem girls; Cassie, Chloe, and Caelyn! Waiting on Mommy to finish gathering the stuff so we could leave...

"Mommy is it time to go yet?"
Ryan was ready to go to the Zoo!

Mikey and Ryan tossed a few coins into the fountain, and made wishes.


Looking at the Zoo map.

We went to the Children's Museum, and Chloe showed Mikey all of the fun things!
This is one of the "Meerkat Tunnels."
Caelyn and Ryan driving the ranger's jeep.

Caelyn, Mikey, and Chloe waiting for the show to start.

Mikey...I think he has a "crush," on Chloe!

Mikey enjoyed brushing the goats at the Children's Zoo.

"Hey where are you going Mr. Goat?"

Next we went to the Insectarium.
Guess what Mikey got the most excited about? Huge spiders!
Mikey thought this exhibit about bugs on food..was really gross!

We then headed to the car to eat our lunch. Caelyn and Mikey were so funny together! They shared cheese, crackers, and fruit sna…