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I am Batman


Christmas at the Lee's

We went to Jason and Erin's house the day after Christmas, to have our family Christmas with the Lee family. Mikey reacting to their dog Sierra.

Mikey, playing with the Wall.E remote controlled toy.

Aiden, Mikey, and Connor playing with their new train set.

Cousin Aiden and Mikey

Love this picture! Aiden - Mikey - Connor
Grandpa and Ryan

Grandma and Ryan

Mommy and Ryan
Uncle Jason

Aunt Erin and Ryan
Connor playing with his new Lego set.
Mommy's new gift! An antique spoon ring.
LOVE it!
Ryan playing with the slinky.

Mikey found the Thomas the Trains in the basement.
Mikey and Aiden

Uncle Jason - Grandpa - Ryan

Mikey played so hard, that he literally fell asleep two steps away from the was too funny. We barely got his coat off, before he layed down on the floor to sleep.

While Mikey was sleeping we washed and setup Mikey's new Thomas the Train bed set. (Any idea, where to get a plain blue bed skirt, the set did not come with one, and I can't seem to find a blue bed skirt. I'…

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day with the Fortner's.
Dylan - Ryan - Mikey

Dylan and Ryan

Ryan, Dylan, and Mikey all had presents to open...1,2,3...GO!

Grandma passed out the gifts.

Mikey really liked Ryan's activity cube...funny how that works; one has to have the others gifts...should have just switched the name tags.

Grandpa and Ryan (The cutest little "gift!")
Grandma showing Ryan his remote controlled puppy.

Mikey playing with Ryan's new TV remote control!

Ryan playing with Mikey's pots and pans.

Ryan likes his new riding toy/walker. He just sat there very quietly or giggled every once in awhile.
Dylan got a Nintendo Wii, talk about a good time! It was hilarious to watch everyone take a turn playing!
Thank you grandma and grandpa Fortner for a great Christmas Day!
The food was fantastic, and the company was even better! Thank you for everything!

Christmas Morning

Santa arrived with his reindeer, and left the boys Christmas stockings!
He ate all of the cookies, and drank most of the milk. The carrots appeared to go over well, with the reindeer!
Santa left a letter for the boys, thanking them for caring for Buddy and Max.

Santa left lots of gifts under the tree!

Mikey was so excited! "Ooooo, Christmas!"

"Mommy the cookies are gone!"

Opening their stockings.

"Ryan, your going to poke your eye."

Mikey opening "Monsters vs. Aliens" DVD.

Mikey opening "Evan Bourne," a guy from wrestling.

A new Thomas the Train case, from Toni.

Mark Henry! (Another wrestling guy.)
"What did you get Ryan?"

Ryan loved his "Alphabet Pal."

What is this? A bull dozer and a dump truck!

Mommy got a picture frame and blanket!

Opening the big bag, from Grandma and Pa-pa Lee.

Whoa...its a Thomas the Train bed set!

Mikey loved his new dump truck, couldn't wait to play with it!

Thank you Santa for a great Christmas morning! T…