Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ryan's First Day at the Baby Sitter's

Ryan and Mikey at Toni's house at 7:15am, both are very sleepy guys!

Finally back home at 5:30pm, after Mommy worked at the office.

Mikey wanted to hold Ryan, he asked "I hold IT."
We are still working with him on using Ryan's name

Ryan just started smiling this past weekend!
This is the first picture of him really smiling.

Ryan and Mikey went to the baby sitter's, so Mommy could return to work. I was a wreck, when I got back into my car, after I dropped them both off. I cried for 5 minutes...it was horrible. I couldn't wait to pick them up! Both had a really good day. Toni said that Ryan ate really well, and Mikey just "forgot," Ryan was even there!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Dye is Fun

Mikey is ready to get started!

Cousin Dylan and Mikey

Which one did Mikey paint?

Ryan slept through it all!

Thanks for dying eggs with me Dylan! ~ Love Mikey

Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Brother and Little Brother

My co-worker; Pam, made the boys Big Brother and Little Brother shirts, after I had told her I just wasn't finding them at any stores. They turned out so cute! I am so glad that the boys played along, while Mommy took lots of pictures!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Really Bad Haircut!

These two pictures are in the play area, prior to the horrible experience we had today, with Michael and his haircut. Happy as can be, right? Wait 10 minutes, and check back to see what happened!

I have taken Mikey to the same place to get his hair cut, since his first haircut, almost a year ago. The place has "cars," that he can sit in and "drive," while the ladies cut his hair. So, like all prior visits, he picks out the yellow car, and climbs in ready to drive. The lady starts using the spray bottle to wet his hair... all is well...haircut begins...Mikey makes brrooom-brroom sounds. Happy as can be...then all hell breaks lose, as he realizes she is cutting the back of his hair. He is now screaming, "No Mommy!" We stop and wait for him to calm down...haircut starts again. He is now crying, squirming, and snotting all over the place. The lady asks if I can hold him while she finishes his haircut. This seems to be working until, she moves to cut the front of his hair, and the hair falls in his face. He now has hair in his mouth and is gagging...and is crying even harder. Haircut is finally over, but before we can stand up to shake off the hair, he leaves the haircut lady a little gift...he pukes all over my shoes and the floor! OMG...I just wanted to run out the door! This was the most horrible experience we have ever had, and I don't know what spooked Mikey so bad! I felt so bad for him!

So, we do not have any "cute haircut pictures," as it was not an opportunity for mom to take any smiling photos!