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Elf Mischief - Mission Toy Car Chaos

The elves, made mischief, again...this time they played with Mikey's cars. They spelled out Mikey and Ryan's name, and used every car they could find to make a circle. Silly elves! Buddy and Max...up to no good. Mikey came down the steps, and said "They made a mess Mommy, why did they do that?" Mikey sees his name, and thinks it is funny. Ryan and Mikey Ryan Mikey and Ryan We cleaned up the mess, and headed out the door, so Mommy could get to work on time. Silly elves!

Advent Wreaths

Dylan called and invited us to his school (St. Angela Merici) to make Advent wreaths. Ryan, Dylan, and Mikey; reading the directions on how to make the wreath. Mikey, looking at the supplies. 3 glass purple votive holders, 1 pink votive holder, candles, greenery, berries, pine cones, and a wood form...check! Ryan, wasn't feeling well. He is drooling to the point of making his face chapped. He fussed the whole time...and finally fell asleep. Dylan - Grandma - Mikey Mommy Mikey Dylan lighting the purple votive, as tonight was the first day of Advent. Fr. Keller, leads the Blessing of the Advent wreaths. Notice the Holy water? When Mikey was "Blessed," he asked why he was hit with water. (It was too cute...he kind of had a point.) The church also provided food; lasagna, bread, salad, and a huge slice of pudding cake. The finished product, on our kitchen table.

Elf Mischief - Mission Christmas Tree

When we went to bed, this is how we left the elves. On the mantle, where they belong... Apparently they had other plans...mischief! Buddy and Max, sorting the ornaments. They put up the Christmas tree. Buddy the elf. Max the elf. Buddy and Max Mikey came down the stairs, and yelled "Christmas!" Mikey found Buddy and Max, hiding in the tree! Mikey found a Santa, holding a sign the says "Believe." Buddy, doesn't belong in the tree. Look Daddy, what the elves did, while we were sleeping. Mikey and Ryan Ryan

Elf Mischief - Mission Halloween Candy

Buddy and Max found the Halloween stash, and ate candy, till their belly's hurt. Then they took what was left and spelled out their names. Then they thought it would be fun to set up the Christmas train, and take it for a spin around the track. When Mikey came down stairs, he just laughed! He was really surprised that the elves were up till 1:30am, making mischief. Daddy asked if Mikey heard any paper crunching sounds, or little feet running around. Mike was amazed at the amount of candy they ate. Buddy spelled his name on the train board! Ryan found Max's candy wrappers! Once the mess was cleaned up, it was time to play with the train. Mikey picked up Buddy, and put him on his lap. Buddy and Max, watching the train. Mikey loved the train, and played with it non-stop for 2 hours. Thank you Buddy and Max!

Holly Jolly Trolley with Santa

On Black Friday, we avoided the crowds, and went to the Transportation Museum, to see Santa Claus and his Holly Jolly Trolley. We meet our friends the Browns; Aaron, Leanne, and Olivia . We are here! Mike standing in front of the museum's Christmas tree. Do you see Santa? Mikey and Ryan, waiting for the big arrival. The Holly Jolly Trolley, and Santa Claus! Santa Ryan - Mikey - Olivia Ryan and Olivia Ryan Mikey Santa giving Mikey his very own North Pole elf, Buddy! Santa - Mikey - Buddy Max - Ryan - Santa - Mikey - Buddy Mikey wanted to find a caboose ...even if it was a rust bucket! Mikey