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Memorial Day

"We will never forget our Veterans, those who gave their lives for our freedoms, those who have died and are buried on foreign soil, and those who continue to serve daily! We will never forget...and today we honor you!"

We started our day at the play ground...we tried the one we hadn't been to. Mikey loved it, as it is for "big guys," as it doesn't have any steps! He climbed the ladder without even blinking!
Ryan just enjoyed the play house!

Mikey, pretended he was working at a drive through.
"Here is your shake, fries will be ready in 2 hours."
(I laughed so hard when he said the last part!)

Later that day, Mikey asked Daddy to have a water fight...guess who won?

Mikey and his squirt gun.

"Maybe if I hide over here Daddy won't get me..."

Oh, no! Daddy got the hose...I guess he won!
Mikey then asked to play with his Play-Doh.
He loves to squish, the Play-Doh with the fun factory tool!

Ryan liked the cookie cutters. "Even better game when I dr…

Big Tire

Grandma, Pa-pa, and Dylan had a BBQ, and we spent the day outside! Give the kids a volley ball, Frisbee, bubbles, or a huge inflated circle in the shape of a tire...which do they choose to play with? They climb inside, roll it down a hill...hours of fun!
"Sorry Ryan you do not make the size requirement!"

Mikey and Dylan had a blast!

NT Rubber Duck Race

The local Christian Church in NT, has an annual fund raiser, where they "race" rubber duckies, in the lazy river at the NT pool, for a small donation per duck.
Mikey, counting the ducks prior to the start of the race.

Mikey made a duck hat at the crafts table.
Then played a few games with the other kids...this was the ducky shuffle.

Mikey "dock swimming."

"Here come the ducks! Go duckies...GO!"


After the race, they set up cool down stations...Mikey loved this little pool.

Ryan was ready to go home!


Mikey had been begging to put together his new Jame's the Train puzzle, that he received for his birthday.

So we found the box...

He opened the box, and was shocked at the number of pieces!

He fiddled with the puzzle pieces, and finally asked for help! "Putting together puzzles is hard work Mommy!"

Mikey's 3rd Birthday and the NT BBQ Show Down!

Mikey shared his special day with a BBQ competition in New Town. Daddy had to work, but we were able to see him throughout the day. Mikey received the coolest shirt from my friend Leanne! Mikey picked out the theme of Monster Trucks, months ago. (He changed his mind the day after we found all of the stuff online, to farm tractors.)
Thank goodness he changed his mind back to Monster Trucks last week! Mikey was so excited that they had inflatables for the kids to play on! He asked if this was part of his "party?" "Is this ALL for me Mommy?"

Gigi and Ryan
Grandma and Mikey...the first time he wanted to swing all by himself!
Mikey and Grandma
Dylan and Mikey
Grandpa, Grandma, Ryan, Mikey and Dylan; camped out by Daddy's booth!
Daddy and Ryan
Daddy and Joe, getting the pulled pork ready for the judges.
This is the cake that caused all of the drama... what a wreck!
Daddy, Mommy, and Mikey
Mikey opening his gifts.
Dylan on the "Bull," sadly he got hurt whil…

Mikey's Birthday Preview

It's SO hard to believe that Michael Jr., will be 3 tomorrow! Mikey has so many of Mike's features, and mannerism's, it is funny to see, Father and Son together! He is obsessed with monster trucks, trains, fire trucks, construction equipment, or basically anything that has wheels. He watches WWE Wrestling, Thomas the Train, and Big Foot and the Mighty Monster Trucks! He loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, McD french fries and nuggets, bananas, pancakes, and corn. (We are lucky that eats just about everything we give him!) He loves going for walks and the play ground. His best friend is Dylan, but Mason is a close second! Mikey
This is another "Leanne" original! She is SO talented, and I am very thankful to call her my friend!
***Can't wait to celebrate your special day, Happy 3rd Birthday Mikey!***

Muffin Man

Have you seen the Muffin Man? Making muffins with a 2 year old takes some prep work! Pouring in the "Flowers," according to the directions and Mikey.

Pouring in the oil...whoa this is hard.

"Can I crack the eggs now?"

"This is a heavy measuring cup filled with milk Mommy."

Watching Daddy add the blue berries from the can.

Helping Mommy fill the muffin papers...gota squeeze! " 'Dis is hard work."

"Are they ready yet?"

"Mmmm...muffins!" "Can we eat them now?"

"I am a good baker guy, these are good muffins Mommy!"