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Five Question Friday

Welcome to Five Question Friday!! You've come to the right place if you want a fun, easy post. Oh, and remember (pay close attention...this is the important one)...HAVE FUN!

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP!

Questions for Friday, August 24th:  Remember to @5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)
1. What do you enjoy doing the most with your spouse? I love "dating," my husband: snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie, trying new foods at an unknown restaurant, or just simply holding hands. With two young kids, I have come to value our "date nights." 2. How do you eat your taco? From the top or from the side? I eat my soft tacos from the side! I like them fully loaded, the more stuff that can fall out, the better! Don't forget the sour cream!
3. Have you ever shut off the basement light and ran like a fool because you…

Vlogging Mommies - Thoughts On Being a New Mom

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Join us next week as we link up again, and vlog with some awesome ladies! Check out my fellow hostesses Hanan of LilacCityMomma,Cassie of CrazyCoolCrafty, and Mindi of SimplyStavish; and join in on the fun by linking up each Thursday!

Next week, we are talking about Back to School and tips for school. Did you have a Kindergartner this year? Are your kids excited about a new year? Any tips for getting out the door? What is something you would share with other moms about communication and the teacher? Join us next week and link up, as we share our thoughts on your Top 3 Childrens Books!

Wordless Wednesday - Missing Big Brother


Finally Riding the Bus!

For as long as Mikey has been able to form full sentences, he has been obsessed with school buses. I can remember him running to a front window, to watch the local school bus picking up or dropping off our neighbors. When ever we would see a bus, he would happily point at the bus and talk endlessly about it! As Kindergarten approached, most of his questions were about riding the bus! This morning he woke up early, and put on his white hat (all Kindergarteners were given one to help identify new bus riders) and was counting down the minutes till we could walk to the bus stop. We had many adventures, at the bus stop such as: seeing a garter snake, Ryan falling down and getting two bloody knees, and tag with the neighbors. Mikey's face when he finally heard the bus approaching, and then had the bus in his sight, was priceless! He took our neighbor's hand, and didn't look back! He was getting on that bus, and nothing was standing in his way! He boarded the bus, told the bus …

1st Day of School "Homework"

Mike had "Homework," on the first day of school! The teacher gave each student a small brown paper lunch bag, with instructions for the child to select 5 things that they like, describes them, or makes them unique. The teacher gave many examples in her "My Bag," such as dancing, dogs, spending time with her family, hiking, and gardening.

Mikey was excited about the assignment, until I explained that he couldn't just throw 5 Transformers in to his brown bag! So, We sat down and talked about 5 things that make him unique, and I was surprised at what he came up with!

He selected a fire truck, a baseball, a dinosaur skeleton, a Christmas card with an elf, and a Lowes patch! I giggled at a few of his selected items, and was really surprised by one. When I asked him why he selected the items he talked about each item, here is what he had to say: I love fire trucks, and grandpa is a fire fighter in St. Louis We love the St. Louis Cardinals, and I know that no one els…

Mike's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the First Day of Kindergarten for Mike! It was a half day, as part of the gradual entrance program for Kindergartners. The morning was spent stowing away supplies, learning how to raise his hand, what is a "smart board", puzzles, how to walk in a single file line, and a visit to the cafeteria. It was a great way as a mom, for me to get a hint of how his day will go. Tomorrow is the true test, as he will ride the school bus, and have a full day of school! Crossing our fingers for a great year! *1st Day of School sign art design was created by One Sweet Party.

{Book Review} Ambition's Not An Awful Word

This inspiring and hilarious tale contains humorous rhymes that compare and contrast astoundingly vivid visions of achievement with the challenges and difficulties that children encounter in real life. The story focuses on young Zack Zage, who’s “busting his buttons” with excitement to speak to the class even though he’s stuck at the end of the alphabet. He can’t wait to tackle even the most mundane tasks with the fervor of a wildcat. “What I want to be” is the question of the day for Mrs. Grundy’s fourth grade class.
An astronaut! Of course! - But the cheese on the moon turned out to create a sticky situation. And Mrs. Grundy wasn’t amused. How about a chef? - But the only thing Zack has ever cooked is a weenie on a campfire.Perhaps he’d try being a cowboy? - But not until all the stalls are cleaned and the work is done.Ambition's Not An Awful Word will have you and your kids laughing out loud. The nimble verse is attention getting and memorable. The illustrations by Adam Watkins…

Getting Ready, Kindergarten Awaits

We are getting ready, as school starts tomorrow morning! The day has finally arrived, and I think Iam we are ready. Lord knows, Mikey is...he is very excited, and has asked about a million times what time we will leave to go to school. His questions are endless: of who, what, when, and where? Many times I do not know the answer, and simply answer with, "We will know soon enough!" I hope he gets some sleep, as I doubt I will. (I am just as excited, if not more excited than he is!)

His backpack is ready to go, poor kid looks like he will fall over as it is stuffed with new school supplies.. He cant wait to see what kind of back pack everyone else has. He is of the mind that all boys should like wrestling, and carry John Cena back packs like him. (I explained that he might be the only one...) He has also asked what will the other kids bring to school, as he doesn't understand that there was a list. I never thought that the "what will everyone be bringing?" be such…

{Book Review} Help Your Kids Get Better Grades

HELP YOUR KIDS GET BETTER GRADES is the first grade improvement book of its kind for middle and high school students and their parents. It covers critical learning, studying and testing skills rarely taught in U.S. schools and colleges. It is short, easy to read, understand and implement. This book covers the basics you absolutely need to know in order to become a successful student. Show More Show Less Learn How To: Implement a proven learning, studying, and testing method. Make sure your high school transcript qualifies you for college or advanced training. Find out what learning style best suits your personality. Properly stock and set up your study places. Find out your reading speed and ways to increase it, while improving retention. Adopt an easy-to-use and maintain note-taking system for lectures and readings. Discover proven strategies for preparing for and doing well on test and exams. Reference the most helpful study guides and websites. Review dozens of related topics…

Cirque du Soleil - Dralion! - Where East Meets West

Wednesday, August 22 through Sunday, August 26
Cirque du Soleil and 1st Mariner Arena proudly present Dralion
Fusing the 3000 year old tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts, with the multidisciplinary approach of Cirque du Soleil, Dralion (pronounced “Dra-lee-on) draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and its never-ending quest for harmony between humans and nature. The show’s name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: the dragon, symbolizing the East, and the lion, symbolizing the West. - Press Release

Cirque du Soleil has arrived in Baltimore, for seven performances only, from August 22-26, at 1st Mariner Arena! There are numerous acts that will ignite the senses and awaits your viewing pleasure such as: Aerial pas de Deux, Dralions, Juggling, Trampoline, Aerial Hoop, Diabolo, Hoop Diving, Skipping Rope, and Bamboo Poles. Stunning characters in lavish costumes, which will weave the story in and out of the show symbolizing the four elements; Yao (Fire), Azala (Air), Gaya (…

Kindergarten Bound!

The big day is almost here, my son is Kindergarten bound! We went to Mikey's school, for Kindergarten Orientation, and to meet his teacher. When we entered his classroom, he was sent on a scavenger hunt to explore all of the great things inside his classroom. Mikey was pleased to see lots of books, puppets, art easels, and bathroom in his classroom. (It's the small things that make the boy happy!) The most exciting part, was when he found his name on his book bag hook. As a Mom, I am still struggling with the fact that he is going by the name of Mike...and no longer wants to be called Michael or Mikey.

He is excited to start school, and can not wait to ride the bus! Mikey has been counting down the days, and seeing his classroom helped to answer the many questions he has been asking. I am please with the number of students, and the even balance of boys and girls. From the looks of his classroom, his teacher has a very busy year planned!

When do your kids start school? What c…

Vlogging Mommies - Swim Lessons?

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Join us again next week as we link up again, and vlog with some awesome ladies! Check out my fellow hostesses Hanan of LilacCityMomma,Cassie of CrazyCoolCrafty, and Mindi of SimplyStavish; and join in on the fun by linking up each Thursday! Next week, we are talking about what it was like to be a new mom for our first child. As a new mom did you make everyone use hand sanitizer, prior to holding your baby? Did you have high expectations about what it would be like to be a mom, and you were clueless or way off reality? Join us next week and link up, as we share our thoughts on being a new mom!

Wordless Wednesday


Campus Shift - Saving College Students on Textbooks

Campus Shift Saves College Students from Being Trapped by the Broken Textbook Market
Unlike used book sites Campus Shift also checks e-book prices, projects resale value YOUNGSTOWN, OH – To help fight increasing higher education costs, Campus Shift is making it easier than ever for students to find the best prices on textbooks. Campus Shift, an online community that helps students find cheap textbooks online and on their own campuses – in addition to other services, searches dozens of online vendors to find not only the best new, used and rental price of a book, but also the best e-book price, and the price that the textbook is being sold back to vendors for at that time.

Using Campus Shift gives students the tools they need to sift through the murky textbook marketplace because finding the lowest price available is not as simple as it should be. While one textbook might be listed at an incredibly low price through an online vendor, that same vendor could be selling another book on a st…

Mama Kat's Writers WorkShop - Smiling It's My Favorite!

This Week's Prompt: Aside from your kids, your husband, your coffee and your wine... what makes you smile?
There are many little things that make me smile:
I smile, when I see decadent desserts, as they call to me! I am very dear friends with my beloved sweets, and my dear husband knows that a cookie ice cream sandwich will almost always, wash away the stress of the day. There is a calm and release that just fills my soul when the fork passes my lips; when I devour cheese cake, key lime pie, or strawberry short cake. Joy on a fork, doesn't even begin to define the love I have for dessert.Holiday crafts make me grin ear to ear. I can remember working with my mom every year to make our own ornaments for our family. It is from those memories that my love for crafting grew! I could craft all the time if time and an open budget allowed! I have a never ending list of things that I want to craft, thanks to some really crafty friends and the blessing/curse of Pinterest. July isn't t…

Back to School: Share the Road with School Buses

One of my biggest fears, is putting my son on the bus for the first time as he heads Kindergarten. As a mother, I want to trust that our driver will do everything within their power to get him there safe and sound. What can you do to share the road with the school buses? Follow these 8 simple steps about sharing the road:

Safely Share the Road with School Buses
By:David Silvey

According to the American School Bus Council, school buses are designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury. Today, as compared to years ago, school buses are built with safety in mind. In fact, a study by the U.S. Department of Transportation states that children are safer riding the bus to and from school than being driven in a car by an adult. When you are sharing the road with school buses, follow these 8 tips.
Yellow and Red Flashing Lights –School buses have yellow lights to warn drivers they will be making a stop and red flashing lights and an extendable stop sig…

Monday Memories: Teachers That Stood Out

Think back...did any of your teachers stand out? When I look back, I have many teachers that stand out, each one in unique ways. I moved often when I was little, and I wish I could tell you something prior to the fifth grade, but I honestly do not have memories of connecting with any of the teachers. It wasn't until my parents moved me to a much smaller community, in the country that I fell in love with school, and really remember the teachers whom I adored.

My sixth grade teach was about the coolest teacher I could have dreamed of. She was young, single, and full of joy. I mean she just loved teaching and encouraged each of us to try new things, and to never fear the unknown. She shocked us all by telling us one day in class that although there were nineteen kids in our sixth grade class, there would be students in our group that would not graduate high school. (Truth be told, she was right...four of my classmates didn't cross the stage with us on graduation day.) As a class w…