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Ryan's Many Silly Faces

Random cell phone pictures of Ryan:

Nice hair son...

Sitting with Mr. Bob, on the Gator!

Just a little pudding...


Mikey proudly displaying his real hammer, and a few patches he has earned!

The finished Biplane, turned out really cool!

***Just isn't the same, without Mike!
"Mommy tried really hard, but Buddy kept telling me that Daddy doesn't help me!"***

Thanks Mom for Visiting!


A Date with a Mouse Named Chuck

For many months, Mikey has been telling us the only thing he wanted to do, was go to Chuckie Chees*e for his birthday...he was adamant!
(I see the place as a sea of germs, and it is just horrible what they charge for pizza and tokens.)

Grandma convinced me that we should was his birthday after all!
So, the 5 of us loaded up the car for our date with the mouse named Chuck...Mikey was thrilled!

Grandma and Mikey


Mikey loved this game, a monster truck squished a car.

Mikey found construction equipment.

Ryan and Grandma had a wild time together!

Mikey and his race horse, in the spirit of the triple crown!

Feeding his tickets into the machine, that counts the makes munching sounds, Mikey thought it was hilarious!

Picking out a prize...he selected two spiders and a plastic slinky!

One Way to Wake Up...

I woke up early, while everyone was still sleeping and made pancakes!

I then was drawn to the sound of feet, thundering up the stairs...

Mom, and two little boys were very excitedly trying to show me what Mikey found....

Are you ready for it?











My mother was startled this morning, when Mikey found a snake, and thought that he would show her his find, just a few inches from her nose, while she was still sleeping!

My baby boy, on his birthday, wrangled a snake, and wanted to show Mommy and Grandma his find! OMG!!!

This blurry picture is of the snake...I was trying to turn off the burner on the stove top, and find the camera!

Another picture of the snake before he was released back to the wild!

Once, Mom and I calmed down from the excitement...we served the boys pancakes!

Mikey, you are amazing!!
(Please, do not wake any guests that stay in our home, that way again!)
***Side note: The snake was trying to crawl back out, through the walk out door...that's right my son caught him by the …

Big 4


Making Brownies with Grandma

Grandma wanted to do something fun with the boys, and thought making brownies would be fun!

Mikey and Ryan, helped as much as they could!

Ryan and Mikey, each had a turn stirring the brownie batter.

The SECRET ingredient....shhhhh!!!

Grandma poured the rest of the batter onto the chocolate!

The best part of any baking? Licking the spoon!
Mikey had so much fun, with Grandma!

***We made the brownies for Shelley, as she shares a birthday with Mikey!***

Hanging Out with Grandma

This visit was a simple one, just about hanging out with the kids, and daily routine...but the boys loved every minute with Grandma!

Mikey with his butterfly net...still has yet to catch any bugs, but it works really well for catching frogs!


Love, love, love this one of Ryan, playing with the door of the green house!

Who knew that a load of mulch, would have brought so much joy to Mikey!

When asked what he wanted to do outside, he answered mulch and fill my wheel barrow!

Mikey and Ryan loved, just hanging out with Grandma!

Grandma Is Here!

Grandma left St. Louis, very early in the morning, to hop on a plane to visit the boys for Mikey's birthday!
Mikey wanted to wait for her outside, once he heard that she was arriving within the hour!

"I don't see her on this side of the drive way..." - Ryan

"I don't see her here either..." - Mikey

"We see Grandma's rental car!!!!"

"Grandma, you are here! We have been waiting for you!!!"

Hugs, are so worth the wait!

Bryce 3rd Birthday Party

The Davis family invited us for Bryce's 3rd birthday party.


Bryce's Thomas the Train cake!

Mikey talking with Miranda...I love that his hands are in his pockets!

Unfortunately, Bryce was not feeling well and fell asleep with Daddy while his guest were arriving.

Mikey found Bryce's trains!

Ryan loved Bryce's dump truck!

The boys shared Bryce's handmade wooden train set.

Princess Miranda entertained Bryce's guests!


***Thank you Bryce for the invite! Sorry you weren't feeling well, to play with the boys!***