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Toni's Kiddos

Every now and then I find a surprise in the boys diaper bag...some I would rather not find and then those that make me smile from ear to ear! Lisa took a few pictures, and slipped them into Ryan's bag, what a great surprise!

A group photo of Toni's Kiddos! Top Row: Keegan, Mason, Mikey, and Jacob Bottom Row: Giovanni, Giana, Madisyn, and Ryan
They love riding toys...Mikey, Giovanni, and Ryan



Thanks Lisa, for the surprise photographs!

Wehmer Family Reunion

The Wehmer family had a reunion, that was held at Great Uncle Norman's House, off of Wehmer Estates Rd. The property is near the original land that my grand parents built their family farm.
Uncle Matt and Mikey

Uncle Chris and Ryan
Uncle Matt trying to show Ryan and Mikey how to play the game "washers."
When my Dad was growing up, he was told that there was a lake in the woods, near his uncle's house, but was told that he could never go there or try to find it, as one of our family members almost drowned. We went for a hike and found it!
Mikey looking for fish.

My brother Christopher T. Wehmer


Chris, Ryan, Mikey, Jenny, Jeff, and Matt

Hammer Store?

Mikey is obsessed with tools, he wants to build things, use a real hammer, and has even told us he is a "construction guy." So, when I found out that Loew*s was hosting a free workshop, called "Build and Grow," I signed Mikey up! When we turned in our registration paper work, Mikey was delighted to get a free apron, goggles, and patch. He also was able to pick out his very own hammer! Mommy, how do I look in my new goggles? Do I look funny?

Daddy and Mikey
Daddy and Mikey building a puppet stage.
Mikey was SO serious about hammering in the nails!
The completed project!
"Hey Daddy, can we come back to the hammer store, another day?"

Heather's Shower

My Uncle Jack's son John "Hank" Wehmer, is going to be a father! His BEAUTIFUL and talented wife, Heather is having a boy! (Sorry, Heather but you will be raising a wrestler! Get ready to live and breath.... pee wee, junior, and high school wrestling!) My cousin Andrea's son, baby Nathan; thought the tissue paper looked like fun! He worked so hard pulling himself up on the chair, and then "attacked," the paper, hoping no one noticed.

Aunt Dani and cousin Lindsay
Lisa Wehmer... Doesn't she look amazing...she has lost 100+ pounds! Welcome "BalyWehmer!" The cake decorator butchered, the word "BABY."

Addison loved the cake, do you see any of the evidence on her face?
Andrea, Jenny, Lindsay, Michelle, Denna, Tracy, Laura, Addison and Heather

Great Uncle Frank's 85th Birthday

Francis W. Huelskoetter was born in 1925. He served with the US Army in WWII, was a POW, and was discharged as a Captain in the Cavalry. He graduated with a BS/BA degree from Washington University in 1951. Frank founded The Huelskoetter Agency in 1953, and opened his insurance business. .
His children and grandchildren invited us to help celebrate his 85th birthday!
Mikey, Dylan, and Ryan




Ryan, Dylan, and Mikey did a lot of walking, to entertain themselves...okay, so Mikey was entertained, while Dylan earned bonus points!

Great Uncle Frank is my Mother-in-laws, Uncle and the brother of Mike's Grandpa. Happy 85th Birthday Frank, may you have many more years!

18 Months

Ryan is 18 months old! It's hard to believe, he is one and a half years old. Time has flown by!

Mikey and Ryan were playing near Grandma's tree.

Mikey and Ryan

Mommy's buddy!

Ryan and Mommy

Tiny Crawl Spaces

Do you like tiny crawl spaces, not knowing where the next dark tunnel leads, love things REALLY high off the ground or doing an army crawl? No...then the City* Museum is NOT for you! If you are 3, and love all of the above, then this place is one of the best afternoons, that you have ever had!
Do you see all of the metal, that forms the tunnels? My little spider monkey had a blast! We went to the museum with Melody and Thaddeus Williams, and let just say that the two of them were amazing with Mikey! (Thanks guys!) Thaddeus and Mikey
Mikey checking out the channel catfish, he may or may not have stuck his hand in the water...our lips are sealed!

Mel and Mikey heading up the tree to check out the tunnels above the catfish stream.

Mikey found a huge elephant.
Each section had a theme, and tunnels are tucked away, so you really have no idea of what is next!

Mikey and Mel

Ryan kind of missed he and Mommy spent time watching the others climb and explore. The museum does have a toddler area, b…