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Oh no...look who is sitting up?

This is what I found first thing this morning! Mikey was talking to Ryan about the upstairs balcony. (It was so cute!) Then it hits me like a ton of bricks...Ryan it sitting up....he was on his tummy when I left the room!
Mikey walked outside, and looked into the window...and Ryan thought it was the neatest thing!

Ryan sat there on his own for 15 minutes.

We finally made it downstairs, and I thought I would make Mikey's waffles...this is what I found when I returned to the living room!

Smarty pants is now sitting up own his own!
Ryan just grinned from ear to ear!

It's want them to reach mile stones...but when they do, it just melts your heart that they are growing up WAY too fast!

Uncle Bob's 50 Year Jublie Mass

Father Robert F. Weiss, SJ (Uncle Bob) celebrated 50 years in the priesthood, on Sunday at St. Francis Xavier College Church.
Dylan, Grandma, and Mikey

Mikey and Grandma

Thank goodness for cheese balls! We would not have made it through the Mass with out them!

I like this picture...kind of artsy...yet blurry!

A reception was held in the ballroom. We didn't get to talk to Uncle Bob, until most of the people had left, he had a very long receiving line!

Thank you Uncle Bob, for the many years of service to God and our family!

Sunrise Saturday - Week 3


Wedding anniversary's and a birthday

On Sunday, we celebrated mom and dad's 35th wedding anniversary, and our 11th. We also sang to Mike for his birthday, which is on Tuesday. Carl and Mike grilling salmon Dylan and Mikey


Mikey and Dylan

Mikey, Carl, and Linda

Dylan tried to teach Mikey, how to play football.

Dylan trying to not get kicked, as Mikey attempts to kick the football.

New Town Blast

New Town hosted the "Blast," on Saturday afternoon.
Leanne, Aaron, and Olivia Brown, came to our house while we waited for the rest of our group.

Livi and Ryan
Livi liked Mikey's trains!

Mikey at the petting zoo

Livi and Ellie


Mommy and Mikey

Thank you to Nicole, Kris, Ellie, Leanne, Aaron, and Olivia; for coming out to New Town!

New Town Farm Class, week #2

Sunrise Saturday class, at the New Town Farm, was all about Fall Harvest.

These are the kids, "swishing," like leaves.

Mikey had a red scarf...but he really wanted an orange one.

The "sensory," pool this week, had beans.
(Navy, pinto, and black eyed peas)

Mikey, once again did not want to do the arts and craft.
He wanted to play in the sand box.

As the other kids finished their painting project, they joined him at the sand box.

They then went for a walk through the vegetable garden, and selected food for the animals.

Mikey watched as the donkey, ate some broccoli, he thought it was funny.

Mikey picked up a woolly worm, and played with it. He was very brave!