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Snow Removal Crew

Maryland welcomed us, with 7 inches of SNOW! I took this picture on my cell phone, it makes me laugh because Mikey is all bundled up and Mike is in a short sleeve shirt! They make a comical snow removal crew!

Thanks Toni for Everything

How do you thank someone who has given so much to your children? Toni Haynes, has watched Mikey since he was 5 months old, and Ryan at 6 weeks. Saying thank you doesn't seem enough...but I wanted to say thank you Toni, for loving my boys. ***Mikey and Ryan miss you dearly!***

Hello Maryland!

We arrived safely in Maryland on Saturday night, we all were so tired after the long trip, that we waited till the following morning to unload the truck.
Amazing how quickly stuff comes out of the truck...versus loading it!
Mikey was pleased that his tricycle made the trip safe and sound!

Ryan, was too sure about all the activity...he just stood back and watched.

Ryan and Mikey sitting on the truck.

An empty truck, equals a new start!

Thanks Grandpa Fortner for driving the truck, so Daddy could drive the car!

***Thank you SO much for all who helped with the move! Thank you Carl for making the 16+ hour drive, we know it was a long trip to make driving, with only a few stops!***

Posh Nosh

My last day with CB*RE was, celebrated simply by Leanne, Kim, and Carol...we had lunch at the local kosher deli across the street, Posh Nosh!

The wall of fame...includes a few of our favorite bosses; Tim and George!

Once you place your order, you grab a table, a sharpie, and a bucket of pickles!

They invite you to sign their wall.

My delicious Reuben sandwich!

Goodbye, CB*RE, I will miss you and the many wonderful people I worked with!

Dave and Buster*s

Grandma and Papa Lee wanted to do something fun before the big move, so the invited our family and the Lee's to go to Dave and Buster*s. Mikey was very excited to see his cousins, it had been awhile! He also, couldn't wait to see Papa and Grandma. (He asked about their dog, Blu...too.) Hello Papa!
We all sat down to eat together, before hitting the game floor.


Ryan and Grandpa

Daddy and Mikey playing the racing game, bummer that Mikey's legs are still to short to reach the pedals.

Ryan and Mikey tossing the basketball.

Mikey shooting a few hoops.

Erin and Aiden

How about this game Grandma?


Connor and Jason

Grandma and Ryan

Mikey of course picked out a motorcycle...we were 400 tickets shy, of what we needed.


How many tickets would it take to get this prize?

Grandma, Grandpa, and Ryan

Mike, Linda, and Mikey

Grandma, Papa, Mikey, and Ryan


Mikey and Ryan

Aiden, Ryan, Mikey, Connor

***Good bye to the Lee's, we will miss you VERY much! Mom and Dad,…

Goodbye's vs. Hugs

One of the hardest things, about the move has been saying goodbye. I was most worried about Mikey having to say goodbye to Mason, his best friend.
It went SO much better than I thought, kids are so resilient!
Ryan and GiovanniRyan, Mikey, Mason, Madisyn, Jacob, Giana, GiovanniJacob-Mikey-Mason
The 3 amigos!

Everyone goodbyes!

Good bye Mason Fuller, Mikey will miss you dearly!

Mexican Food and a Farewell

We met Gigi, Mom, and Aunt Diane at LasFuente*s, for some Mexican food a few farewells! "Want a crayon Gigi?" - Ryan
Gigi, Diane, and Linda

Gigi, Mikey, and Ryan

Mikey and Grandma

Diane, Mikey, Ryan, and Grandma all talking about motorcycles.

Diane, Ryan, Linda, Jenny, Evelyn, and Mikey

***Thank you all for a great night! We will miss you all, more than you will ever know! We love you VERY much!***

Valentine's Day 2011

With everything going on...Valentine's Day was simple this year! We had a steak dinner at home, with the Fortner's! (Thanks Linda!)
I asked the boys to sit on the fire place...this was the best out of 10 tries!
Nice try Mommy, but Ryan does NOT want to have his picture taken!


After dinner we took the boys for haircuts and to buy new shoes!
***Happy Valentine's Day! We love you all!***