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Blog Dare: 91

Today's Prompt:  The scariest fashion comeback...
I couldn't even begin to tell you what the scariest fashion comeback is. I am not fashion savvy, or any where near being trendy! I can tell you about the horrible fashion decisions, I have made! I should hold my head in shame, and never show any of the pictures that would prove it! Yet, I am willing to share the pictures with you, in the hopes that you will not look down on me or that you will laugh too hard!
1. Lets talk about really big hair, during the 90's. The bigger your bangs, the better. Nothing like teasing your hair, curling the ends under, and shellacking them with half a can of hair spray!
2. Then there was the time that I shocked my mother my cutting off all of my long hair, and got this lovely haircut! Layered, and unbalanced, and yet I was still able to have really tall bangs. (Just awful!)
3. Then I wore this hideous blazer, every chance I could! I layered it over many fashion atrocities, and used it as a…

Blog Dare: 90

Today's Prompt:  Funny slang we used in high school...

The funny slang we used in high school, was so silly. I look back at that time, and it seems so long ago. I honestly had to think about it, and nothing really came to mind. We had a few silly sayings within our group, but I cant think of anything that was really school wide. A few friends of mine used the code "GAGB," when we would pass notes. It stood for he's "Got A Great Butt." How sad is that it is the only phrase I can recall. (I just called my best friend, and she just validated that we didn't have any slang either. She just reminded me that we were squares, and were pretty lame!) Funny how things change; silliness is all in perspective, and those within the circle.

I can't say as a mother I use slang. We have silly phrases and many nicknames for the boys. How many families giggle, when the say "Hey, Spider Monkey!?" Not sure if those kinds of things count as slang, but they br…

Blog Dare: 89

Today's Prompt: Team Facebook or Google+
When I entered the world of social media, I was beyond clueless as to what I was doing! I now can say I am Team Google+ ...but have a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account.
I still have so much to learn when it come to "getting the word out," and sharing my blog with the world. I have all of these accounts, but just set them all up within the last few months. I learn something new every day, and have connected with some very knowledgeable, and talented ladies! It is a huge sea of information, and getting my feet wet has been one exciting ride!
How are you connecting with people? How do you stay up to date with the latest trends or things that interest you?

Tots2Tweens Blog Awesome Challenge

The Tots2Tweens Blog Awesome Challenge has been a blast! I have met some knowledgeable and brilliant ladies who love blogging! Every Wednesday in March, they hosted a Blog Awesome Challenge, which challenged us to try something new in the world of blogging! From writing my “About Me Page,” writing my first post, creating a Facebook page, and linking to Twitter and Pinterest; these ladies taught me many new things in just a few short weeks! From other bloggers, I had read about what needed to be done to promote my blog, but I was clueless as to how to do it professionally and in the correct way! Each of our leaders wrote about what lead them to blog and the simple tools that they have applied to their blogs to find success. I was able to tweet every day, about the Blog Awesome Challenge on Twitter, to encourage my fellow participants and friends to find out more about the Challenge, and why I was involved with this website and great group of ladies! (Can you say AWESOME and a simple ea…

Blog Dare: 88

Today's Prompt:  Something I used to believe...

I used to believe that my step-grandmother's cat hated me. At the age of 6, I would walk into a room and the cat would hiss, growl, and try to suck out my soul by staring me down! Macho, was a massive cat with wicked yellow eyes, and was the very center of my grandparents world. I could not imagine why this cat hated me, but my grandma claimed I was the only one he ever disliked. I used to believe that he would some day attack me, hold me down, and eat me alive if given the chance. It was so bad that I would stay outside the entire visit, or circumvent a room, just to avoid the cat. When I grew a little older, Macho and I came to an agreement...pretend you don't see me, do not make eye contact, and he would let me live!

Today, my boys think that the vacuum is going to some how suck them into the machine. As, soon as I turn on the vacuum, Mikey's eyes get huge, and he runs out of the room screaming. Ryan is not as scarre…

Wordless Wednesday


Blog Dare: 87

Today's Prompt:  My random and silly dislikes...

All of us have quirks, but you all will laugh at my random and silly dislikes! If you have known me for any amount of time, you will know that I have a true disdain for canned corn and asparagus! I dislike cleaning, and dusting! The bathroom, might need a haz-mat suit and special response unit! I might be the only one who has never played tennis, and can't imagine how it is fun to play? I dislike that I have a "sniffer," like a dog. I smell everything, before everyone else in the room, and living with 3 is an annoyance and rather hilarious at the same time! I dislike that I am not graceful, and totally accident prone!  I am SO not perfect, and rather goofy! I know I am not the only weirdo! What are your random dislikes, quirks, or silly dislikes?

Under Construction!

My blog is under construction, while the talented  Jennisa Joy, of Once Upon a Blog Design Shop, revamps my blog! Stay tuned for the relaunch!!! I can't wait to share the new look with you!

Blog Dare: 86

Today's Prompt:  One year ago today...
One year ago today, we were heading to a birthday party. I look at the picture and it reminds me how much the boys have grown! Ryan had just turned 2, and was just a little sprout! Mikey's face has changed, he was only 3 in the picture, and still had the round baby face!
I think back to a year ago, and Ryan really wasn't talking. He could talk, he just wasn't in any hurry to talk, because Mikey would do all of the talking. Mikey was still in diapers, as he wasn't in any hurry either! So much, happened last summer...small steps, but the chatter box arriving and finally only having one in diapers, was a huge accomplishment for our family!
It is amazing how much has changed in only one years time, what has changed in your family? Have your little ones reached mile stones?  How much have your children grown in the last 12 months?

Blog Dare:85

Today's Prompt:  What my children want to be when they grow up...
What my children want to be when they grow up, changes day to day! At the ages of 3 and almost 5, they pretend to be many things typical of their ages such as: construction workers, firemen, police officers, farmers, and monster truck drivers.

One of my favorite memories of my son Mikey, is from when he was three and he told me very seriously, that he wanted to be a trash truck driver! Mikey thought that the guy who loaded the trash cans and then got to press the button to pour the trash into the compactor, had the best job. The other guy just drives around...and tries to not hit cars. I still remember this conversation, with my son and it was two years ago.

Today I asked both of the boys what they wanted to be when they grow up, just to see what they might say:

Ryan, wants to be a "washer guy?"

Mikey, wants to be a "guy with tools?"

After asking Ryan a few more questions, we now know that at age th…

Blog Dare:84

Today's Prompt:   A dream I made into reality... A dream I made into reality, was becoming a writer. I have yet to be nationally published, but I have been published locally! It all started in the sixth grade, when we were told to write a creative paper about a trip to a fantasy island, and the events that would unfold while on the trip. Then I met the most creative teacher, in junior high school who encouraged us to write in a journal, write poetry, read for fun, write letters, or tell a silly story. As school continued, other projects would be required and graded on very specific elements, on an assigned topic, and yet I enjoyed these mundane papers.  Then a friend shared her blog with me...and offered to show me how easy it would be to blog. I wasn't even sure that I understood what a blog was, or why I would want one. I had other creative outlets at that time, so the idea of having something out there also asking for more of my time was overwhelming! How would I find things…

Blog Dare: 83

Today's Prompt:    My most unhealthy habit...

My most unhealthy habit, is that I rarely exercise. I do not run on a treadmill, do sit ups, or attend yoga classes. I run up and down stairs all day, and chase after 2 boys! We take walks or run around in the back yard, but setting aside time to exercise every day, just isn't something I have done since the kids were born.
I bow down to the moms that have active gym memberships, and are able to go to yoga or zumba classes! They wear cute work out clothes, pull their hair up in a cute pony tail, and make perspiration look like it was no big deal! Where as the last time I had an active gym membership and was on a treadmill, it was horrific! I made the local muscle head laugh to the point of almost rolling on the floor; when I fell, bounced twice, tried to stand up twice, and then finally landed at the end of the treadmill with two really bloody knees! I then healed up, made an appointment with a trainer, and she was primal and dri…

Fully Charged - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Wednesday, March 21 through Sunday, April 1 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presents Fully Charged is an all-new surge of circus entertainment where megawatts of thrills explode off of the arena floor with breathtaking dare-devilry, superhuman stunts and never-before-seen performances that energize Children of All Ages! Fully Charged invites families to disconnect from the digital world and plug into a circus experience like no other. The 141st Edition of The Greatest Show On Earth is the most electrifying edition of Ringling Bros. ever to come to Baltimore! Come one hour early to meet our animals and performers at the All Access Pre-show – FREE with your ticket! - Press Release
I was contacted by Shea Jackson, of Macaroni Kid Northwest Baltimore, to write a feature, on her behalf! Who wouldn't want to take their kids to the Fully Charged, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus? We arrived at the Press Party, and enjoyed…

Blog Dare:82

Today's Prompt:   Wearing pajamas in public...

Wearing pajamas in public, is not something I would ever encourage! Although I am the first to admit, that I have done it, when running out to the pharmacy to get medicine for a very sick little boy in the middle of the night. I am one of those moms, that wear comfy clothes around the house, but could not imagine one of my neighbors seeing me in them. I have always been of the mind, that there is never a time to wear sweat pants as an adult, outside of the home, unless you are exercising! Ladies, I do not always have makeup on, but I  never leave the house in cartoon pajamas!
As, far as the kids go...if they get to the age where they are picking out their own clothes, then I might let it slide. I will not let them wear pajamas to school, but on the weekend I might be more lenient! If the boys want to wear their pajamas, that have a cape that attaches with Velcro, because they have decided they are super heroes for the can I…

Tweeting from "Fully Charged!"

 Join me, as I will be tweeting live from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, on behalf of Shea Jackson, of Macaroni Kid Northwest Baltimore! My family will be attending the press party, and the All Access Power Up Pre-show Party, to meet and greet the performers and animals! Then we will watch the greatest show on Earth!

Follow: @green_eyedmomma, @MacKidBaltimore, @1stmarinerarena, and @RinglingTweets,
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presents Fully Charged, is an all-new surge of circus entertainment where megawatts of thrills explode off of the arena floor with breathtaking dare-devilry, superhuman stunts and never-before-seen performances that energize Children Of All Ages! Fully Charged invites families to disconnect from the digital world and plug into a circus experience like no other. The 141st Edition of The Greatest Show On Earth is the most electrifying edition of Ringling Bros. ever to come to Baltimore!

Fully Charged, will perform at the 1st Mariner A…

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happens when I ask Ryan to pick out his own underwear
...he picks 3!

Blog Dare:81

Today's Prompt:   I dislike {insert random object here} because...
I dislike going through and rotating the boys clothes, because it reminds me of how much they have grown in the last six months. Today in a mad scramble and desire to spring clean; I sorted, rotated the seasonal, and bagged a whole bag of 18-24 months clothes. I was reminded that the task was necessary, when all of Ryan's pants were over the ankles, and he looked like a dork! The boys are so funny, when they see me sort their clothes, almost like they are seeing long lost friends! Mikey at one point in the process said, "Oh, Mommy you found my Thomas PJ's, can Ryan wear them now?" It was almost like he was passing the torch, and was so proud to share with Ryan. I was a puddle of mush, as I bagged each little shirt or pants for donation. I remember each item being worn by the boys, and the memory tied to it. In my opinion when your little one moves into the 2T size, they are no longer "babies…

Blog Dare:80

Today's Prompt:   I am strong because...

I am strong because, of my three guys. Motherhood is not for weaklings or the faint at heart! Can you think of a single time that cleaning up vomit or a diaper blow out, didn't take ever fiber of your being to clean up, without getting ill yourself? I mean talk about pillar of strength! Mothers must be strong when their little guys are sick, or get hurt. I know the few times the boys have fallen, and gotten injured enough to draw blood, I know that I can not flip out! Mom must hold it together or else the situation can be magnified! Just keeping your sanity, as a Mom takes daily strength. Motherhood would swallow me whole if I didn't have the strength to carry on. Thank goodness, every morning starts a new day! It is a choice to start fresh and new, deciding that today will not suck as bad as fact it might be the best day we have ever had! Being a wife and mother, isn't the same. It takes strength and courage to be …

Blog Post:79

Today's Prompt:   ...and that's why it was a little creepy.

Random, comments from a strange man, on my blog really flipped me out. Especially when I looked at my traffic feed page, and find out that someone searched for "Jenny in the bathtub," and my blog is where they ended up. I was shocked, grossed out and really surprised, as the blog post in question was of the first time the boys took a bath together...and that is why it was a little creepy!

I have since put up the "approval" for comments feature, as it was so creepy. I always wonder if the boys are too "exposed," in that I post pictures of them and use their names. I want to protect them from the weirdos, and keep them under my wings. Yet, how would I tell the story of our lives without using names and pictures?

How do you protect your kids? What features have you put on your blog to protect your family?

Doc McStuffins Premier Party

It's time to visit the Doc! Doc McStuffins Coming to Disney Junior March 23, 2012 at 10/9 central Doc McStuffins, Disney Junior's newest show premieres Friday, March 23 at 10am/9c on Disney Junior.  Doc McStuffins is the sweet story of a little girl who can talk to stuffed animals and toys.  And they talk to her, especially when they need some help from the doctor.  Young kids will love watching Doc McStuffins treat her stuffed animals in her backyard clinic!  With lessons on good health and compassion, grown-ups will love this show just as much as the kids! Perfect for ages 2-8.
We were invited to attend the advanced screening of Disney Junior's, Doc McStuffins, hosted by Shae Jackson, of Macaroni Kid Baltimore, at Pump It Up. When we arrived, we were greeted by Shea and Tracy in person,  and received hugs for an added bonus! Open jump time, was offered on a huge slide, obstacle course, climbing wall, and jousting arena. The premiere of "Doc McStuffins," was projec…

Blog Dare:78

Today's Prompt:   If I was snowed in at a cabin deep in the woods...
If I were snowed in at a cabin deep in the woods, I would want my family with me and a completely filled pantry with all of our favorite foods. (I know we would be fine as long as the food was available!) We would fill our days baking, and cooking. I know the many crafts can be made out of food, if you are creative! Dinner would be a family affair, to involve the kids, and learn something in the process! As long as we have a huge stocked pantry, we could wait out the storm. Entertaining the kids, could be a challenge, but we survived our youth without a huge toy room or access to a ton of electronics! We could make playdoh, slime, finger paints or any other kid friendly concoction! Pots and pans would become a source of creative play. From the bedding and furniture, we could build forts and explore countries we have never traveled. We could fill our days with make believe, and make up stories, like I did with my…

Blog Dare: 77

Today's Prompt:   How adults should celebrate their birthdays...

I think adults should celebrate their birthdays, with as much gusto and anticipation as children do! Maybe if we would retain our youthful bodies and exuberance, we could do some really fun things like:

1. Dancing the "Time Warp" annually! My friends and I loved dancing the Time Warp at dances and in front of our televisions, when we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Why not do it every year on our birthdays? 2. Eat birthday cake, cheesecake, pie, or any other dessert without guilt! Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I have a sweet tooth, and really enjoy dessert...I mean REALLY enjoy like every bite brings a smile to my face! Yet, after I inhale the decadence I question "Why on earth did I do that?" Kids don't think twice about digging right into a frosting slathered piece of birthday cake, and do not ever think about it a few hours later! Why can't I have a huge slic…

Blog Dare:76

Today's Prompt:   A favorite memory from the great outdoors...

My favorite memories from the great outdoors, all include camping or summer camp. My parents took us camping every summer, and it normally included a fishing trip. I will never forget the time we set up camp, and let the tents air out, while we went to Silver Dollar City. When we returned we found standing water in both of our tents, due to a surprise torrential down pour that afternoon. My mom and I spent the rest of the evening, at the coin operated laundry mat, trying to dry out the sleeping bags and clothing! (You better believe, I have never left off a tent fly again!) On another trip, my Dad taught me how to catch Catfish, and how to clean it. I will never forget being absolutely horrified at the process, and could not wait to get the poor thing into the frying pan. I also learned that you shouldn't trust your brothers to roast a marshmallow for you, as they will only let it burn to a crisp, and it just isn&…

Random Thought on Thursday

Look who is now pedaling on his own on the family tricycle! Three seems to be the magic age, as it is when Mikey, Cooper, and Dylan all were able to reach the pedals. For the last year Ryan has been trying so hard to ride the tricycle on his own, without any luck. Steering is still an issue, but he has the pedaling part down. It has been such a joy to see Ryan achieve his goal!

Have you been in that situation? Wanted to do something so bad, and really have to work for it? Have you set a goal that seems impossible? Have you felt the sheer joy in reaching the unobtainable?

Blog Dare:75

Today's Prompt:   The most romantic book...
The Brides of Lancaster County The most romantic book I have ever read was given to me a gift, prior to my first sons birth. I spent many hours reading it once we returned home, from the hospital. Wanda E. Brunstetter, is a brilliant Christian Amish author, and I have been a huge fan for years! The book has four complete novels, about young Amish women finding love despite adversity and trials. I cried and laughed, and grew to love the women, as they reappeared in each novel. The romance abounds, as we are reminded that a simple and peaceful community, that is based in faith and sense of family welcomes true love. This book is still on my shelf, and I read it once a year as it holds a special place in my heart!

Blog Awesome Challenge: Part 2

When the boys were born, I started a journal and baby book for each of them. Are the bound memory books filled, and just waiting for the day I can present them to their future wives? Umm, no...not even close, instead I have a box of random trinkets, tickets, pictures, and items that are just sitting on a shelf. The one thing I have kept going to document the boys journey, is this blog. My goals changed in 2012, to tell their story in words and pictures. If anyone were to stumble on the blog, or find the blog through Pinterest or Twitter, I wanted the reader to have a better understanding of who we were, not just our faces. My two spunky guys are at an age where many things happen in a week, and if I didn't write about our adventures, it would get lost in the chaos of life.

Everyone needs a mentor or a network of friends to bounce ideas off of. I have found so many brilliant ladies, who make blogging an art form, and I aspire to be like them. Until this year, I secretly "blog…