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USCGC Taney Tour

On New Year's Eve, we headed to the Inner Harbor, in the city of Baltimore.
On the way there Daddy, told us we would see a big boat!
Little did we know that we were going to tour the historical, US Coast Guard Cutter, the Taney.

Mikey and Ryan thought the the 500lb anchor was huge!

"We get to walk up this walkway? Really Daddy, and we have tickets?" - Mikey

Mikey, Mommy, and was a little windy!

The propeller was also huge, Mikey was just in awe of the sheer size of everything!
(Including the boat!)

Standing in front of a list of the names of the crew members.

Mikey, Daddy and Ryan

Mikey, Ryan and Daddy then checked out the cannon...
Yes, Ryan was not happy about sitting up so high!

Daddy then showed the boys the water and the ropes, that tied the boat to the dock.
Mikey asked if he could lift them...he tried, and found out that he could not!

This boat is one of the last two boats left from Pearl Harbor, humbling to say the least.
I am amazed that the crew's bunk beds …

Christmas Morning

Santa arrived, filled the stockings; and was pleased with our tree! He left the boys a note, thanking them for taking care of Buddy and Max.
He then ate the cookies and drank most of the milk!

I was really afraid that the morning would be an early one, but the boys woke us at 7:15 am!
They looked in their stockings first, and oooed and ahhed over each little thing.
They then couldn't wait to get Daddy his Superman movie, almonds, and cashews.
(I asked them what they wanted to get Mike, and they picked out "super hero stuff.")

Ryan found an "iXL" under the tree, and was so happy to finally have a hand held learning game like big brother!

Mikey was really into Christmas this year! Paper flew, he yelled, he every picture of him was blurry!
This was the best picture I got of him, he is holding his new ornament from Grandma.

Thank goodness, the very last present under the tree....WAY in the back, hidden behind everything else, was the TRASH TRUCK! Cant even ima…

Feeding the Reindeer & Milk and Cookies

With Santa on his way, there was much to be done for his arrival!
Mikey and Ryan ready to feed the reindeer!

Mikey was really into what he was doing, he would pinch and then sprinkle the oats out on the ground for the reindeer.

Where as Ryan just poured his out on the ground.

Pajama Elf arrived, and left the boys new fire truck pajamas!

Mikey and Ryan then set out the cookies and milk for Santa!

Sadly it was time to say goodbye to Buddy and Max.
Yes, there were tears, and the kids really meant everything the said to their dear friends!

Lastly Mikey, hung the Santa Key on the door!

The boys were so cute, getting ready for Santa Claus!
Mikey made me laugh when he said "We were like Prep & Landing!"

A Box from Ginny & Bert!

Mason and Madisyn's Christmas elves, Ginny and Bert sent us a package!
The boys love surprises from the Fullers, and couldn't wait to see what goodies were in the box.
Ginny and Bert shared the Elf Love, and sent us "Prep and Landing!"
We recorded this when it aired early, in December...we have watched it MANY times!

Mikey and Mason, love Transformers so it was very exciting to
find Ratchet and Crossbow, in the box!
Ginny and Bert also sent us "Snowman Soup," a really cool hot coco kit!
Mikey and Ryan loved the chocolate covered jelly beans, pull back cars, and finger car lights.

Mikey asked to frame the picture of Mason and Madisyn, so he could added it to the other picture he has of Mason!
We really miss the Fullers, and can't wait to see them the next time we visit St. Louis!
*Thank you Lisa, Scott, Mason, Madisyn, and their elves Bert and Ginny! We loved every item in the package, and are honored to call you our friends!*

Reindeer Food?

The boys weren't exactly sure what to do with the goodies that Buddy and Max left this morning. They knew the reindeer, needed a snack; but as to what the next step ways...a little help mom?

So you put the oats in the jar? And what is the glitter for?
Oh, Mommy this is fun!
Oats and glitter in the jar...and it is magical glitter to help the reindeer fly?
Now I get it...

Buddy and Max were very proud of the reindeer food that the boys made!

Elf Mischief Night 30 - Pajama Elf

We were introduced to Pajama Elf, from the Fuller family!
A really cute way to get your kids to wear new pajamas, but with an elf twist!

Buddy and Max left the items needed to make reindeer food; a pretty jar with label, magical glitter, and rolled oats.

Max also brought us a Magical Santa Key, that Santa can use to open any door!

This is the candle that we set our for Pajama Elf.

Mikey loved the key, and wanted to try the key for himself, but quickly learned that the key does not fit our locks! I guess that is why Santa has the magic!?

Ryan was fascinated by the jars, and wanted to know why they were empty!

*The idea of pajama elf can be found, here.
*The tag for the Santa key was found here.
*The labels for the jars were found here and here.
*I found the spice jars at Ikea, they can be found here.

Elf Mischief Night 29 - Prep & Landing

Mikey and Ryan LOVE Disney's Prep and Landing!
The elves found a paper doll set, and the container of gum drops!
They spelled the boys names, and ate a few while working...shh, don't tell the boys!

Ryan and his glorious bed head, quickly found the gum drops!

Mikey and Ryan checking things out!

"May I please have a few gum drops?" - Mikey

Elf Mischief Night 28 - Fort Kit

Buddy and Max brought a Fort Kit, for the boys.

They also made a mini fort and found a flash light!

The Fort Kit included sheets with tie downs, flash lights, clips, clothes pins, and glow sticks!

Mikey and Ryan's Fort Kit!

Mikey found the flashlights!

Mikey made this fort...a little rough around the edges, but he was pleased with what he made!

Ryan and Mikey loved their new fort!

Mikey asked if I knew the password?

**Thanks to Saltwater Kids Blog for the inspiration! Loved making this kit, here is the link.
*They have now asked for snacks, and are still hanging out in their fort! I think this one was a huge hit!*

Elf Mischief Night 27 - Dreidels and Gelt

In honor of our family and friends who are Jewish.
Buddy and Max, wanted to learn all about Hanukkah.
They also watched Shalom Sesame (Sesame Street about Judaism.)
Buddy couldn't wait to light the first candle on the children's menorah.
Max loved playing with the dreidels, and eating lots of chocolate gelt coins!

Mikey and Ryan loved reading the books and watching Shalom Sesame!

The boys played with their dreidels all day.
(Someone might have slept with his, and put it under his pillow for safe keeping.)

**Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah) to Lindsay, Sarah, and Jeffery Wehmer. Also thinking of my Aunt Dani and Ricky's family, during this special time of year!
May you each have a healthy and happy New Year!**