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Summer Movie Express

The boys had not been to a movie in a theater, so we took them to a dollar show. In the event that they didn't like the dark, or just couldn't sit still; we could leave without feeling guilty! It was the last week of the summer movie series, and we thought we would go and check it out. I have not read any of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books or heard of the "Cheese Touch," but the kids loved this movie, and I may have laughed more than they did. Ryan wanted a picture of the "smurfs," and I couldn't help but agree. Can you tell that Mikey knew "Lion King," and couldn't wait to stand next to the big display? If this is offered next summer, we will go and see more $1 movies! We learned that you have to go early if you want a good seat, and that the theater fills quickly! Great opportunity for the boys to get the "big" theater experience!

Build & Grow Clinic - School House Photo Holder

Our 4 year old son Mikey, loves to attend the bi-monthly FREE Build and Grow Clinics, given by Lowe's. Registration is quick and easy, and they send an instant email confirmation to verify you are registered. Our son knows to head to the lumber department, where the friendly staff hands us a FREE kit, patch, and kid size hammer. (This is why our son has always called Lowe's, "The Hammer Store.") This week's kit was for a school house photo holder. I love that the kit includes "blue prints," that are easy to read! Mikey, loves working with Daddy to complete the project. Mikey and his school house. (Funny Mikey quote, "Mommy, where is the door bell? I need a door bell, so it will make ding-dong sounds.")

More Than Meets the Eye

Ryan and Mikey have fallen in love with Transformers! (We have been watching the cartoons, and movies.) For weeks Mikey, has been asking to break into his piggy bank, so that we could go to the store to buy a Transformer toy. We have been potty training, and reached a mile diapers, and have been dry through the night for a week, so Daddy thought a trip to the store was needed! A very happy Ryan and Mikey, with their new Transformers! Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime I can remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and Transformers would be on. My brothers had Transformers toys, when we were little. It is amazing how everything comes full circle ! **On a side note, I wish the "transformation" would be easier for the boys little hands! I swear Mike and I have changed the vehicles into robots, about one hundred times!**

Nativity Blocks Tutorial

August isn't too early to start on Christmas crafts, is it? When I saw a wooden set of Nativity Blocks , I knew I had to have a set for the boys! Last year my porcelain set that I have had for years, did not with stand my 3 year old, who thought that the donkey could fly like a reindeer. So, I knew our family need a nativity scene that was a little more rough and tumble, to hold up to our two boys. I used the following: 1 x 3 of lumber Creative Memories Nativity Stickers Color copy of stickers Mod Podge Medium or homemade version Scissors Pencil Ruler Jig Saw Electric Sander or dremel tool Sandpaper Wood stain Sponge brushes Something to protect your work surface I first made color copies of the stickers which I would be using, so that I could cut them out, and lay them out on my 1x3 of lumber, to see how long each section needed to be. I didn't not use exact lengths, but instead used the color copy of the sticker to tell me how long each blo

Soaked Up Philly Like a Sponge!

We took a day trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the goal of seeing a bell, and tasting a world famous cheese steak! We circled Geno's and Pat's Cheese Steak stand, and never found a parking spot. (We missed out on world famous, but found a mom and pop stand instead.) Mikey and Ryan, loved that the birds come right up to you, hoping that you drop something. A true Philly Cheese steak sandwich! Mikey and Ryan We then headed over to the Liberty Bell Center. There were many things to see and learn. Ryan and Mikey pose with George Washington. We then waited for our turn to pose with the Liberty Bell, as I was handing the camera to Mike, Ryan made a break for it...and he ran under the bell. Past the ropes and national park ranger...needless to say he was almost arrested and given a juvenile record at 2 years old. Mikey, Mommy, and a scared and unhappy Ryan. The Liberty Bell A little better, but its the back side of the bell! Are you ready for it...the picture of the inside of