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Gosh it's Hot

Mikey, Dylan. and Daddy went swimming to try to beat the heat. Temperatures hit 99 degrees, with a heat index of 110. Mikey did not want to wear his swim vest, but wanted to try the floaties. He loved them! Mikey and his "cool" tweety bird floaties. Dylan and his flippers! Ryan did not want to swim, but thought it was fun watching the boys jump into the pool. "Gosh, it's HOT...." Green tomato, on Grandma's upside down planter. Ryan kept touching it, a would say... "ball?" "Yummy, Dippin' Dots!"

Fire Boots & Hidden Pictures

Mikey got a pair of fire boots for his birthday. He had to wear them with his new fire truck shirt...this day was to be filled with fire house, make believe! Fire boots! Mikey and Ryan Mikey got a surprise in our mail box...Hidden Pictures. You know the ones, that you would find in every pediatrician's office, where some other kid, already circled the items to find....major bummer! He had so much fun, and they included stickers...instead of circling! (Two thumbs up!) Not bad for his first try at Hidden Pictures! Way to go Buddy!

Things to Do Before Noon

There are many things that you can do before noon, on a typical Saturday morning, when you wake up at 6:30am! You can get really excited, and dump out your bag of construction tools. 2. Rearrange pictures, and run away quickly! 3. Give Daddy a big hug, while saying "Dahdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" 4. Talk into piece of plastic wood, pretending its a cell phone, and say repeatedly...."I'm busy, can I call you back? Bye!" 5. Find items and play dress up as a pirate...and yell "Arrrr." 6. Kick off your shoes and read books, and giggle at the title "Llama Llama Mad at Momma." 7. Ask for a PBJ toddler style..."peanut butter, red jelly, and bread Mommy...with chips and applesauce and...."

Independence Day

We had a very low key 4 th of July! We had a BBQ with the Fortner's , and Uncle Bob. Ryan and his very own slice of angel food cake! Yummy cake! Gosh, out did yourself! Delicious ! We headed home, just in time to watch fireworks from our very own front porch! Our neighbors had a show and we caught some of St. Charles right over the tree line! Mikey and his little chair. Fireworks! Love this picture...not sure why it makes me giggle!?! Happy 4 th of July! Thank you to all of the active military and veterans who fought and continue to protect our freedoms!

NT 4th of July Parade 2010

New Town has it's very own parade. We gathered our stuff and headed out early... Mikey was really excited, and wanted to know where the fire truck was. All set up, and enjoying the shade... Just couldn't contain his excitement...thank goodness the road was blocked off. Happy 4 th of July New Town! The party float...they were jamming out to Zack Weber! The Beatniks Bar Float...Do you see Randy, Mel, and Lexi? Love this car...WWII Veterans ! (Wonder what the lettering did to their paint job?) Our next door neighbor's have a family float every year, and they won again this year! Way to go Tim and Christy ! Tim and Christy Tim...and the motorized beer cooler! Is it really over??

NT 4th of July Carnival

There was a mini carnival after the parade. It was just a few games and snacks, but Mikey loved it. Mikey and ALL of his tickets.... "Eat the balls shark!" I almost wet my pants every time Mikey played this game... The ping pong ball game..."Smarty Pants," mastered this game! Mikey playing golf...he has a wicked swing! Our neighbor Elise! Mikey has a small crush on her, and can spot her in a crowd. Popsicles!! Ryan was just happy hanging out in the shade.