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2010 Olympic Closing Ceremony

Mikey with brownie crumbs on his face and a bucket on his head. He said it was a "helmet."
2010 Olympic Closing Ceremony
Thank you Vancouver!

After bath time, he ran down the steps and sat on the couch, after putting the bucket back on his head.

Watching the closing.
Mikey wanted to know why they put out the fire...

***Congrats to the Flying Tomato on his Gold medal!***


Mikey and Ryan, spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Daddy and Mommy drove out to pick up the boys. When we arrived, the boys were out for a "walk" with Grandma.

Mikey found lots of sticks and small logs to drive his monster truck over!

Grandma and Grandpa's house is still under construction!

Mikey looking around...he wanted to know where his room would be.

Ryan and Mikey fell asleep on the way home! They had a great time at Grandmas!

Waiting to Go to Grandma's

Ryan and his favorite toy...Alphabet Pal.
Walking over to see Grandma!

Mikey and Grandma

Ryan was walking, and climbing funny...any guess as to why?

He hid his ducky in his pant you see it?

Early Bird

Mikey has been waking up early, and I have been telling him to go back to bed. This morning when I went to wake him up, this is what I found him...hanging off the bed, as close to the door as possible. Finally able to go downstairs.

Climbing into his recliner to watch cartoons.

Big Foot

After Elmo...Daddy wanted to surprise Junior with a trip to see Big Foot. Mikey's latest craze, is Monster Trucks! Daddy and Mikey Mike and Mikey

The guys, under Big Foot!

Mommy - Mikey - Ryan

Story Time with Elmo

Leanne invited us to join her family for Elmo's Birthday Party at Borders Book Store.

Mikey and Ryan in their Elmo gear!

We were shocked at the number of people there.
When we arrived, Leanne offered to hold Mikey on her lap, so he could hear the story.
Leanne, Livi, Mommy, and Mikey
Daddy and Ryan walked around the store as they couldn't get the stroller anywhere near the story circle. (They headed to the cooking section, don't feel bad for them!)


Mikey found crayons and a coloring sheet.
He also decorated a big letter E, with birthday stickers.


Mikey and Livi

"Elmo" cupcakes!
Mikey found a display with school buses, he pulled everyone of them out of the bin, and lined them up in the "garage."

Mikey sitting by the "Monsters," of Where the Wild Things Are. (Very fitting!)

The poor gal running story time said that they planned for 24 children, and over 50 attended. I felt like giving her a hug as she worked s…

Snow Sledding with Mason

Mikey was "sledding," in the snow with his best buddy Mason, when I picked up the boys from the baby sitters. (Ok, so they were not flying down a huge hill, but for 2 year olds, they thought being pulled in a sled was a big deal!)

Fat Tuesday

We met Dylan, Grandma, and Pa-pa, at St. Angela's for their MardiGras Carnival. The food was fantastic; jambalaya, gumbo, shrimp, salad, hot dogs, mac n' cheese, smiley face shaped fries, corn bread, chicken, and King cake. This clearly defined where the term "Fat Tuesday, has come from! The school then set up tables for the little kids to play games, to win prizes. All money raised was given to Catholic Missions. (Mikey had a blast, Dylan thought it was lame!) Grandpa watched Ryan, while we chased Mikey around.
Mikey and his ticket.
"They lady gave me a balloon animal, but I have no idea, what it is..."
Mikey really took a long time, at the pick your sucker game. He wasn't sure what to do with so many to choose from. Mommy normally asks "red or purple?" Mikey
Finally his turn at the basket ball throw!
"So many prizes...what to pick?" I'll take I just can't make up my mind. Mikey threw the bean bag twice, before he just walked up, and …

Valentines Day Photos

Want "perfect," photos? Offer heart shaped suckers, and you can snap photos! "Do you like your sucker?"