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In the Land of Snot

Mikey is teething...2 new molars, so his nose runs constantly. It is the Land of Snot! Poor kid runs away, if he sees a tissue! Happy Ryan...we love that he is so happy these days! Mikey and Ryan, under the gym. (They were "chatting.")

Mommy...I'm going to fall I am not a tripod!

Mikey playing with his ring toss game...

Mommy's 3 guys...Mikey finally shared "his daddy's lap."

Dare Devil!

There is a balance beam at the NT play ground...Mikey has crossed it! Making it look easy

Dare Devil!
He was so proud of himself!


A little slide action...notice the static in his hair?

Look at my knee...big "battle scar!"

Ryan loved the play ground too!

What a sweet little man!
I'm not ready to go home!

WWE Monday Night Raw...D/X Returns!

Mikey and Daddy have grown to love watching "wrestling," on TV together, on Monday Nights. So, when RAW came to St. Louis...Daddy surprised Mikey with tickets! He was SOOOOOO excited!
Mikey, trying to do Jeff Hardy's hand signal. He was close... The ring...view from the stands.

Mikey and Daddy, waiting for the show to start. works!

The ring announcer...Jillian.

She sang the national anthem.

Mikey loved looking at all of the hand made signs and posters!

Our host for the night was Freddie Prinze, Jr... of "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

HBK and Triple H

D/X......Degeneration X!
HBK....Shawn Michael returns!

Triple H and HBK

HBK ...."Gosh I love this!"

John Cena on the over head score board

John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, and Chris Jericho

Fatal 4 way match

John Cena..."You can't see me..."

Finally asleep after getting out of the parking 11:30pm. What a night! Thanks Daddy!

Ryan at 5 Months



The weather and vacations, have prevented us from swimming at Grandma and Pa-pa's pool. So, when we were finally able, to get into the water, Mikey was a little fish!

Lego Construction Project