Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Fireman and a Lion

When Mikey, chose to be a Fireman for Halloween, we knew we had visit Grandpa Lee at the Spanish Lake Fire House!

Ryan - Mikey - Grandma


Mikey and Daddy
Mikey and Ryan, sitting in Pa-pa's locker.

When we arrived, Grandpa had just left to go to the grocery store.
We waited in the garage, to watch the truck pull in.
Mikey loved the HUGE garage door.
Mikey and Pa-pa. Grandpa, was showing Mikey, the air tank trailer.

Ryan, sitting in Grandpa's fire helmet.


Grandpa and the Junior fireman; Mikey!


Pa-pa and Mikey, with their oxygen tanks!

Grandpa - Ryan - Mikey


Pa-pa and Ryan

Ryan, chewing on a Tootsie Roll package

Mikey and Ryan
Grandma and Ryan

Thank you Grandpa, for the visit, and the treats! Thank you Grandma, for driving in to see the boys. Mikey and Ryan had a great time at the fire house. As, we were getting into the car, Mikey asked if it was time to get candy! "Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something to eat." (He forgets the "good" part, every time!

Bring on the Trick or Treating!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Prep...

Getting Ready for Halloween
Step 1: Ask 2 year old, what he wants to be for Halloween. (Ask him repeatedly, to confirm that is in fact what he really wants to be.)
Step 2: Run all over town, to find best possible "wearable," option, to make 2 year old happy.
Step 3: Buy costume to make 2 year old happy, and confirm that it fits.
Step: Show Daddy the costume, and let Daddy's creative mind get to work.
Step 4: Daddy then makes an additional trip to the local hardware store, to get supplies, for the prop for the costume. (See picture below)

(Soda bottle, hose, clamp, screws, nylon straps, spray paint and a red valve)
Step 5: Spray paint empty soda bottle, to look like a real oxygen tank, while not getting any on your hands.

(Finished paint job, on soda bottle)
Step 6: Once you are in fact covered in yellow paint, place screw through valve to give you a realistic spin action feature.
Step 7: Repeatedly stab soda bottle, and fight with the nylon straps, to create a way to hang prop from the 2 year old's back.

Step 8: Attach hose to soda bottle, with metal clamp.

Step 9: Attach hose to face mask.

Step 10: Place prop on 2 year old.

Step 11: Watch 2 year old flip out, because he hates the face mask.

Step 12: Give 2 year old fruit snacks, as he honestly believes we were trying to attack him with the really cool prop, that Daddy spent hours making.

Step 13: Mommy makes template, cuts felt, and attempts to line out 2 year old's name to back of costume, while on her lunch break at work. (Realizes that her work looks like the 2 year old had arts and crafts time.) Mommy then removes the felt, while swearing the whole time.

Step 14: Take jacket to Pam; the stitching Goddess, and beg her to sew 2 year old's name to back of costume, in a last moment of desperation!

Step 15: Smile, as your 2 year old, will be the happiest little "fireman,"and think Daddy and Mommy are the coolest parents ever, on Halloween night!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pump It Up & Katherine's B-Day Party

We were invited to cousin Katherine's 6 birthday party at Pump-It-Up.
It is a party center, with indoor bounce houses!

Mikey...waiting for everyone to arrive.
Ryan entertained himself, by crawling around.

Where as Mikey, was just a little excited, and couldn't sit still.
Mikey's version of crawling...on the benches.
Finally! Time to bounce, with cousin Dylan!
I love his hair in this one!
Dylan, dragging Mikey up the huge ladder on the slide.
Ryan, just soaking it all in.

Dylan and Mikey, going down the HUGE slide.

Mikey and Mommy...yes my eyes are closed!
I have an insane fear of heights, but how do you explain that to a 2 year old?

Grandma Fortner and Ryan

Mikey and Dylan

Ryan and Dylan

Mikey and Dylan
Dylan was teaching him a few karate moves, and how to scream really loud!
Mikey playing basketball

Group photo

Who wants PIZZA?

Birthday girl, Ms. Katherine!
Mikey crashed as soon as we walked in the door!

Ryan did too!
The boys had a blast at Pump It Up.
Thanks for the invite, cousin Katherine!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Pictures

Mommy thought she would take pictures of the boys, while on our walk through NT, on Saturday.
Mikey, trying to hold Ryan...who proceeded to crawl off the blanket.

DO NOT look directly, into the next photo...you have been warned!

Introducing our very own "Casper the Friendly Ghost."
Not sure what happened to my camera, but all of them over exposed and did not turn out!






P.S. - Yes, Mom...that is in fact the orange and brown blanket, given to you by my Grandma Hazel, in 1977.
(I am NOT, giving it back!)