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Sick = No Fun

Mikey started coughing early this week, but really got sick on Wednesday. The babysitter called to tell me he had a temperature of 102! I rushed him over to the pediatrician, and he was diagnosed with an ear and respiratory infection! We are on 3 kinds of medications, but they seem to be working! My poor buddy! Funny story, we got home and he told me he was tired. He went over to Daddy's chair and got a pillow, went all the way upstairs to get his big teddy bear, then went to the closet to get my blanket, and then made himself happy on the floor ...he was asleep in seconds.
This picture just makes me feel so bad for him!
This was his reaction, when I picked him up off the floor and moved him to the couch...he was SO mad at me! Poor buddy was SO sick...
Ryan fell asleep, playing with his feet.

Play date with the Tilford's

Angie and Nate Tilford (NT Farm), invited us over on Saturday evening. The boys had a blast playing with their sons; Adien and Alec.
Aiden and Mikey playing with trains! Mikey is going to think every house has trains.

After dinner, the kiddos enjoyed popsicles.



Ryan and Aiden
Angie - Ryan - "Ms. B" The Tilford's will welcome a baby girl in early February, her name will start with a "B," but they are surprising everyone with her name once she arrives.


A big thank you goes out to the Tilford's, for the great BBQ, and play date!

Wii Can Be Fun if You are 85!

On Sunday, we went to Grandma and "Pampaw's" house, to have dinner with Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob, turned 85 last year...he still travels year round, for the Jesuits! Dylan, thought it would be fun to teach Uncle Bob, how to play the Nintendo Wii!
Uncle Bob, waiting his turn.

Uncle Bob, "schooled" Dylan in darts!

Ryan found a pair of sun glasses, and entertained himself with them!

"Pampaw", Mikey, and Ryan.
(Mikey started calling Carl, pampaw last week...not sure why it changed.)

Dylan, teaching Uncle Bob how to play golf on the Wii.
Grandma and Mikey

Dylan and Mikey


Ryan and Mommy...his new game is climbing all over me!

Mikey and Dylan, playing boxing.
I can only hope and pray, that I have the good health and energy, that Uncle Bob has, at his glorious age of 85! He loved playing the Wii, and thought it was a great game!

Mickey D's Playground!

Gigi, Mikey, Ryan and I stopped for dinner at McDonald's. Mikey was a VERY happy boy...Nuggets, french fries, and lots of ketchup!
Ryan, wasn't ready to eat, so he just laughed and played with his feet!

Mikey couldn't wait to go to the indoor playground, but this was the sign on the wall...doesn't leave much room for fun.

"Look Mommy...I'm this high!"

Our little Monkey, climbed all the way to the top, it is amazing how quickly he gets up there!

Ryan was happy, just climbing around close to the ground!

Then Ryan got Gigi to walk around with him for a few minutes.

Ryan then decided a meal was in order!

Thanks Gigi, for a GREAT day together!

Bath Time x 2 = Fun

I have tried many times over the last few months to get Ryan and Mikey in the tub together. Either Ryan wouldn't sit down or Mikey doesn't want to share, so bath times were split...
As you can see, the first few minutes did not go well. My little "fish," loves the water, and had a blast!

Ryan finally got the idea, and just loved playing with Mikey!

Two funny. (See the water? ...LOTS of splashing!)

Welcome Isabel!

On Friday, my cousin Erica, Chris, Giovanni, and Sophia; were proud to welcome baby Isabel Giana Laurello: 9:49am 8 lbs 19 inches Welcome to the world!

Gigi, Mikey, Ryan, and I drove over to Fairview Heights, Illinois to see her! She is beautiful, with dark hair and long fingers! Way to go Erica, you did a wonderful job! Congrats to all of you!

Rock Star!

Mike received a guitar from Toni at Christmas. He really hasn't played with it much, as it is heavy. For whatever reason, he picked it up...and played with it for about an hour! Rocking out! He had his own style of carrying it, the guitar strap got in his way.

Trying to play the guitar, but it looks like he is going to smash it!
Future Rock Star?
***Pictures taken on Daddy's cell phone.***

10 Months



Mikey got really quite as I was getting Ryan ready for bed, this is what I found when I came down the steps. He was so busy looking for the next book, he didn't even know I was there.
He pulled all of his favorite books off the shelf, to "read" them, but just didn't put the books back after looking at them.

S.A.M. basketball

The temperature in St. Louis dropped to 8 degrees, so we stayed indoors this week! We thought we would venture out, with a trip to the Fortner's. Dylan called to see if we wanted to watch his basketball game. Mikey

Ryan, "talking" to Grandpa.

Ryan loves to crawl under Grandma's table.

Grandma allows it, until Ryan can walk...and Dylan helps him to not hit his head.

Dylan can NOT wait for Ryan to walk on his own, and every chance he gets, he helps Ryan practice!

Mikey and Dylan LOVE to wrestle!

Mikey has been obsessed with Daddy and Grandpa's patches. He wanted to stick one on his shirt with tape, but then he would pull it off. Grandma taped one on the back of his shirt, and he forgot all about it. wrestling is a great work out, and the boys needed refreshment. 7up and a bendy straw = bliss
Grandma, Mikey, and Mommy headed over to watch Dylan's basketball game. (St. Angela Merci vs. St. Ann) Daddy, Grandpa, and Ryan stayed home. (Ryan fell asleep in pa-pa's arms.)