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"Skeewhirrel" Hunting with Mason

When I picked up the boys today from the sitter's house, I found Mikey and Mason, hunting for "Skeewhirrls." I had no clue what a "Skeewhirrl," was and had to ask... They were hunting for squirrels! Mikey and Mason looking in the big tree for the poor little animal that was hiding there! Mikey picked up his gun, when Mason yelled "Bang, bang, I got you!"

Mikey told Mason "Hurry, throw the ball at it...get' em!"
They "joys," of two year old boys!

Playhouse Fun

On nights that we go for a walk to check the mail box, I normally can talk Mikey into going to the small playground. It is much smaller, and Mikey enjoys the playhouse and bridge. He asked to take a snack, and picked out a "snack size," chocolate bar...he nibbled on it the whole time he played. Ryan walked around inside the playhouse, while Mikey went across the bridge and down the slide. I caught this picture of the two of them...neither is looking at the camera...but I love it any way!
It was very windy, and Ryan's hair blew all over the place...he would giggle when it blew hard enough to make him close his eyes!

Happy Ryan!
We are so lucky to have 5 play grounds all within walking distance! Mikey would pick the big one every night, if given the choice!

Extreme Rules

We watched WWE Extreme Rules, and once again Mikey was so excited! Another night of pro wrestling, whoo hoo!

Crafts and Construction

We had a huge FAIL this morning...Mikey does NOT like arts and crafts! We went to the local craft store to do one of their free events. The lady was very organized, very good with small children, had a place mat with instructions, the activity was geared for Mikey's age...and yet he did not like the activity! He rolled out his "Pluffy," dough, made the required shapes...and then told the lady "This is NOT fun." She told him she would pack up his craft kit, and he could finish it at home. Mikey told her, "No thank you, you can keep it." He wasn't being bratty or mean...just matter of fact. The only part he liked was making "snakes."

In the same plaza was a pet store...he wanted to see the fish.
Mikey then asked where the "Octopus," was...geez...only my son!

He then wanted to watch the hamster on the wheel...and commented that his Zhu-zhu pet looked like the one running on the wheel!

Once back home, Mikey was a happy camper! He pulled all…

Happy Earth Day


Who Said You Can't Shop in a Diaper?

The boys were covered in dirt once we got home from the track meet. I quickly stripped off their dirty clothes and announced bath time! I ran upstairs to get the bath ready, and this is what I found, when I returned! Daddy with the camera, laughing at the boys! (Thanks Mike for thinking about taking pictures!)
Mikey and Ryan were "shopping," and playing together! Naked baby!

Mikey was asking Ryan if he wanted a box of crackers!

Who ever said you couldn't go shopping only wearing a diaper, was wrong?!?!? ***Grin! I love these silly moments!***

Track Meets Are Fun!

We met Grandma and Dylan at Holy Trinity High School, for Dylan's first track meet.

"Hello Ryan!"

Mikey wanted to go see Dylan, but he was already on the other side of the fence, warming up.


Mikey, Ryan, and Grandma waiting for Dylan's first race.

Dylan won his first race the 4 x 1600. He was the 3rd leg of the relay team, and did an amazing job! He ended up handing off the baton, on the other side of the race track...I wish I had gotten a picture of it!

Charles, Henry, Andrew, and Dylan, placed first!
Dylan then competed in the standing long jump.

He also took first in the 400!

Mommy and Ryan

Mikey liked cheering for Dylan. He also entertained himself by finding a large stick, and played with it, when Dylan wasn't racing! It was pretty funny!

Matching Trucks!

Daddy surprised the boys with matching monster trucks! He found a very small and regular sized "King Krusher." Ryan and Mikey were so excited!

Mikey then asked to go for a walk. He wanted to see the NT Farm. He was so happy to see the new addition to the barn yard!
A new baby donkey was born on Friday morning. Welcome to the NT Farm, "Cash!"

Opening Day 2010

A "National" Holiday is occurring in St. Louis today! St. Louis Cardinal Baseball Opening Day 2010! "Do we wear RED to day Mommy?" "Yes, Buddy...everyone who lives in St. Louis, should be in red today!" Ryan


Mikey and Mason
"Hey Mason, you have Cardinal stuff on too...want to play fireman?" OK, So Mikey has a lot to learn, but he was still excited, because Daddy was!
Go, Cards!

Just a Walk

The boys and I have been taking walks every night, after dinner. Mikey has our walk, all planned before we leave our house. Today's walk included "critters," and the playground.
Mikey wanted to first see the Koi fish at the wooden walkway.
Ryan and Mikey, looking at the Koi fish.

Mikey with the "frog."

Mikey with the "turtle."

Mikey and the alligator...this one doesn't bite, according to Mikey.

Finally, at the play ground, Ryan ran to the slide.
Mikey loves the swings!
On our way home, Mikey wanted to see the NT fountain.