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Ball Toss Game

Lowe*s hosted another workshop, this time it was a ball toss game. This time it was simple enough, that Mikey knew how it went together...who needs blue prints? Mikey He is getting really good with the your fingers Daddy! Mikey and his new ball toss game. Yes, my son is standing on a fork lift... shhhh , don't tell the store!

Painting Penguin's

Your Pot*s Desire, hosted an event for preschoolers on MLK Day! Story Time and Painting, sounded like a great way to have some Mikey and Mommy time! Mikey The story was about a penguin who wanted to know how much was a million, so he went on a quest to find out! (Cute story) "How Big is a Million?" The story teller Mikey with his penguin, paint, and brushes. Olivia and Chloe Meghan, Ernie, Olivia, Chloe, Claire, Caelyn , and Mikey... painting their masterpieces. Mikey was very meticulous when painting, he seriously had a game plan! "The feet are first, then the nose... and the back is black." Mikey and his painted penguin! Chloe and Caelyn putting the finishing touches on their penguins. Caelyn , Chloe, Mikey, Meghan, and Ernie ... Livi was there too! ***Thank to all that attended from the board! It was great to see you Mommas! Mikey enjoyed it!****

Keegan's 3rd Birthday Party

Mikey and Mason were so happy about Keegan's 3rd birthday party at Pump It* Up! They both had been asking all week if it was party day! Mikey and Mason Ryan wasn't too steady on his feet, he couldn't figure out way the floor kept moving. Madisyn The birthday boy... Keegan ! Keegan and Mikey, in the ring...can you say knock out? Keegan loved the slide! Jenny and Mike Mommy and dismount was hilarious...literally slide sideways, and over the backstop! Oops! Isabelle and Keegan ...he was so excited to open the Thomas trains! ***Happy 3rd birthday Keegan ! Mikey and Ryan had so much fun with you at your party!***

Madisyn's 1st Birthday

Madisyn Fuller turned 1, on Christmas Day, but today was her party! She greeted all of her guests at the door, via her walker! Mikey and his best buddy, Mason! Ryan, showing Madisyn his party hat. Dora cake, cup cakes, and backpack favor bags! Yes, that is a mini cake, with deep purple frosting! Madisyn Ryan loved the bean bag toss game. (Remember Bozo the Clown, and his buckets?) Letter bingo cards! Then there was a Dora pinata! Ryan pulled the very last string, and it was the one that let all of the candy out! He loved it, and started clapping! Mason and Mikey watching Madisyn open her gifts. Lisa, Mason, and Madisyn Madisyn loved her cake! The purple frosting was every where! ***Thank you to the Fuller's for a fun party! Mikey and Ryan loved their favor bags! Happy 1st birthday Madisyn!***

Lowe*s Game Box

Lowe*s hosted another workshop, this time the project was a game box. Mikey and Daddy reading the blue prints. Daddy handing Mikey the tiny little nails. Mikey, "The Hammer Guy" as he is now calling himself. Ryan Mikey and his completed project! What are we going to look at this time Daddy? (Mike and Mikey look at "guy stuff" after class...) Riding Lawn Mowers! Mikey was so, excited to sit on a green John Deer tractor. (It was almost more exciting than class.) ***Mikey had fun, but this project just wasn't very exciting...I guess it was a let down after building a train for 3 weeks in a row."***

New Year's Day 2011

Uncle John and Aunt Linda hosted New Years Day, once again this year! Mikey loved the air hockey game! Daddy and Ryan Mom and Jenny Daddy tried to teach Mikey how to play table was just a little too big! The boys feel in love with Linda's train! Mommy's attempt at a photo of Ryan and Mikey together...guess who did NOT want his picture taken! Ryan-Mike-Jenny-Mikey ***Happy New Year! Best Wishes in 2011, from our family to yours!***