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Tummy + Floor = Happy Ryan

Look who sleeps, on his face, like Daddy!

Love this picture! He was so happy!

Mikey's Haircut

Ryan enjoyed watching Mikey get his haircut. He played in his car seat, and didn't cry once! It was a great time for everyone! This time, Mikey picked the red Jeep! Normally he goes for the yellow car.

This is Mikey looking at her shirt... and telling her it is a Cardinal bird!
Mikey had a Thomas the Train, in his hand, under the smock...and couldn't wait to play with it.

This was a great experience, and he was a happy camper the whole time! Mommy was so proud!

2 play grounds & an elephant = FUN



Ryan tried cereal, for the first time off a spoon. He did NOT do so well..but it was a fun experience!
Most of it, went on his chin and bib...NOT much went down!

Happy Home Run Derby

St. Louis is hosting the MLB 2009 Home Run Derby and All-Star Game!

Ryan must be dreaming about the St. Louis Cardinals!

Ryan is 4 Months Old!


Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train has taken over our living room! Grandma Fortner bought lots of goodies, from a friend of hers, who's son had out grown them! (Mikey will never know!) The really cool part about this set is that they are part of the Take Along Thomas set, and all of them fold up and the track all stores inside each building! Mikey is so happy, he just LOVES Thomas!

Happy 4th of July

We woke up Saturday morning and it was pouring! Happy 4th of July!
Mikey watched the rain come down from our 2nd story balcony. It's really wet! New Town has its very own, Home Town Parade. The sign on the car says "We aren't aliens, we're just New Towners."

Mikey and Ryan (Notice Mikey will NOT let go of the candy he picked up at the parade!)

Ryan (Notice the mosquito bite above his eye? Just like Mommy, swells up just nicely!)


Since it was a rainy day, we played inside. Mikey has been very helpful, when Ryan's musical bear on his play gym, shuts itself off. This is Mikey turning it back on for Ryan.

Mikey and Ryan under the bars of the gym.

Mikey and Ryan