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Waving Flag


Baking with Ryan

Ryan wanted to help make Mike's Father's Day cake.
I think he enjoyed sampling all of the ingredients, more than the art of baking!

(He has selected another strawberry, after sampling the margarine.)

After eating a "few" quartered strawberries, Ryan was ready for the middle layer!
Who doesn't love sugar, in any form?

Graham cracker crust, heavenly no bake center, bananas, pineapple, and strawberries...can you in a 9x13 pan? OMG!!!

Capped with cool whip, and ready to sit over night! Yummy!
*Pictures were taken on my cell phone, and a moving 2 year they are not best, but you get the idea! Did I mention, that I had a blast baking with my little strawberry thief?*

Father's Day Gifts

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

We thought we would check out the other store, and see how Mikey did with their Kid Workshop.

Not sure how we feel about HD, as they did not have kid sized hammers and the project was not what was advertised, as it was much smaller.

Mikey had fun doing it, and got to use wood glue for the first time, so Mikey gave it 2 thumbs up.

The project was a mini tool box, or pen holder?
(Mikey said it was "Mikey sized!")

Mikey loved the pin on his new orange apron, and was pretty proud of the finished tool box.

Next we went to the craft store to make finger print key chains.
Ryan was not happy about putting ink on his finger...

The finished key chain!

Ryan and Mikey

***We also made muffins for breakfast! Happy Father's Day from your 2 little Monsters!***

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie

Barnes and Noble hosted story time and pictures, with the theme of
"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

Mikey and Ryan

I guess they both thought they were at the library, as each selected a book from the shelf and sat down to read.

Yes, they each selected a Thomas book.

Mikey did not want to meet the mouse, as he was frightened. Ryan just looked really uninterested...

Goofy Golf

Goofy Golf blue prints, from Lowe*s Build and Grow Workshop!

Mikey and Daddy working hard to put the game together.

The windmill was a little hard to finish, so Mikey asked Daddy for help.

Ryan and I, walked around the store!


Mikey and Ryan

***Funny Mikey quote "Mommy, what happened to my whacker?"
The kit came with a wooden golf club, and Mikey thought it was called a whacker!***

Happy Birthday Grandma Lee

A milestone was reached by my Mom, and the boys wanted to send her some love through the mail!

So, while still in pajamas, and with bed head; the boys colored their hearts out!

***Happy 50th birthday to my beautiful Mother, Happy Birthday Linda Lee!***


The neighbors were invited to a BBQ at the Davis' house, the kids played and the adults hung out.

Guess who loves Bryce's sand table?

Miranda, Ryan, and Mikey feasting on hot dogs, watermelon, and chips!

Everyone always wants to sit next to Bryce...he is the life of the party!

***Thanks Lynn and Wayne for a great BBQ, before the rain sent us all home!***