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Last year, some kid ruined my son's thoughts on Santa. He came home from school and questioned, why a boy in class told him that Santa isn't real. I was crushed and my son was in tears. After I reassured him that Santa was real, he trotted off smiling. 
This year, I knew I needed to do something personal, and find a way for both of my boys to believe in Santa. To know that the spirit of Christmas should always remain in their hearts. Help them remember the excitement and joy that the holiday season brings with it!
I cannot tell you how exciting it was to get a personalized package, addressed to their attention! They opened the mail box, and brought in the package very excited! "Mom, there's something from the North Pole in here," they shouted. I smiled and watched as they carefully opened the envelope. "Wait, there's a letter and some other looks like signed picture from Baby Rudolph, a picture of Santa, and we made the nice list," said my …

{Wordless Wednesday} Starting to Look Like Christmas


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