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When I made a crazy random post on FB about my anticipation for seeing the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie, my friend Christy invited me to join her and a group of friends for the midnight showing. When that fell through, we gathered a new group and saw the movie on Wednesday at 9:25pm...still premier day, just not at the stroke of midnight. The famous Edward vs. Jacob scenario, vampire vs. werewolf, and the both of us pledging our hearts to opposing Teams! Christy is a die hard Cullen fan...and I have always cheered for the under dog...JACOB BLACK!!! So I created some stickers with the help of Hostess with the Mostess, and off we went to see our boys on the big screen! Christy and Jenny
The movie was AWESOME!
I don't care what Team Edward has to say, Jake stole the show in the tent scene! Team Jacob!!!!!
How on earth am I going to be able to wait until November 2011, when the next movie comes out?

Lets Build a Parking Garage

Mikey is obsessed with building things, even at 6:30am. "Mommy will you build me a parking garage?" He was inches away from my face, and I was sound asleep when he woke me up with this question!
All the need parts, in one nifty container!

Sorting the pieces...and planning.

Snapping the road together!

Whoohoo...a parking garage, which Mikey gave 2 thumbs up. He played with this ALL day...eventually adding more buildings with his other sets...future engineer?

Pool Pals

Mikey loves the little table and chairs!

Ryan was just too busy "tasting" ...I mean playing with the pool toys.

Ryan in the little boat...he loved when Daddy would swim under it! Amazing...where did he go?

The sky opened and it rained ...SNAKES! Ok, we have no idea where he came from, but in the middle of a huge pouring down rain... a huge snake crawled across the back patio.

3 Peas In a Pod

When my best friend from high school, Jennifer Haake, found out she was going to have triplets, it was really easy to pick out her shower theme as she has a blog called "3 peas in a pod!"
Jennifer Haake you are beautiful! The wonderful world of blogging also lead me to ask Linda Merkel of LAM Designs to make the cake! She was so easy to work with, and the end result was beautiful !
I am so happy to say that I had some great co-hostesses, Jenn's college roommate Keri Johnson and Jenn's younger sister Cassandra. My husband Mike made some amazing food, including tomatoes stuffed with chicken salad, stuffed clams and a summer salad. So between the Chef and Keri, the food was fantastic!
Jenn arrived looking so beautiful, and just glowing!

Jenn loved the cake...she took the topper home with her!

Jenn got lots of goodies for the triplets! I loved the Cardinal onesies and bibs!

Pacific High School crew! OMG, where has the time gone, ladies? Tammy-Jennifer-Paula-Jenny
Ruth (Jenn'…

Pool Party

We had so much to celebrate on Sunday including: Chris Lilly's HS Graduation and acceptance to Mizzou, Lindsay Peter's HS Graduation, Chris' birthday, and Father's Day! So how do you entertain kiddos, teens, and adults? With a pool party at Aunt Diane's house, of course! Mikey loves Aunt Diane's back yard, as it has lots of grass, a swing set, and a pool!
Ryan just wanted to play with Gigi!

Grandma, Ryan, and Mikey

Finally in our swim suits, just wating on Mom to slather us with sun block!

Ryan loved the water!

Mikey started out in the shallow end, near the steps.
Then Grandpa showed Mikey the noodle. It took him alittle while, but a noodle, life vest, and a torpeedo pool toy all helped to get him into the middle of the pool.

Then...OMG, he wanted to jump off of the diving board like the big guys!

Gigi, Ryan, Lindsay, Chris, and Grandpa all relaxing after a day of fun in the sun!

Then Mikey asked Aunt Diane where she put all of her rocks that she picked up while at Grandm…

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Mikey woke Daddy up, let him eat his chocolate chip muffins, and then a surprise from the boys!
"Look at us Daddy! Its a picture of me and my brother!"
Blue tissue paper is silly!

Its even more silly if you run and dance with it, while making swishing sounds with the paper!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Love your 2 little Monsters!

Friday Night Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day early with Papa, as Dylan was leaving for summer camp Saturday morning. Papa "hugging," Mikey... they were goofing around! Papa got a "manly," grilling apron and 2 bottles of Bobby Tom's BBQ sauce.
Carl and his "grandpa" card.

Dylan thought it would be fun to make Grandpa a "balloon," out of a latex glove.

Grandma made every one's favorite desert...banana split cake!

Mike loves Dylan's old cars...especially the little fire truck!

Happy Father's Day Papa Fortner!


Happy Father's Day! The kiddos were not on board with this photo shoot, as it was really hot! Ryan thought it would be funny to hold the letter just long enough for me to get the camera ready, then drop or flip over the letter! Mikey just wanted to play, and then told me it was just TOO hot... (So, ha-ha jokes on you Mommy) These are not the poses that I chose for Mike's gift, but they are very similar! Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's! ***Another one of Leanne's amazing ideas, thanks again for your creativity and use of your letters!***

Field & Stream

Mikey's first magazine cover, and he caught a fish!
Ok, not so much, but it sure looks fun!

Dylan didnt really want to have his picture taken... ***This was one of the freebies from the "summer camp."***