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Elf Mischief Night 2 - Construction Site

Buddy & Max found the construction equipment and all of the blocks, to set up a construction site! I love the tower of blocks! The elves spelled out the boys names! Mikey and Ryan were so excited! "The tower had to be knocked down!" - Mikey the demolition foreman Buddy and Max, may or may not have taken a few blocks to the head, during the demo stage of construction. Where do elves, buy elf sized hard hats?

Elf Mischief Night 1 - Truck Rally

Buddy and Max sitting on the mantel, before everyone went to bed last night. They quickly hopped off of the mantel, and found all of Mikey's Monster Trucks, and set up a truck Rally! Buddy has Grave Digger, and Max is playing with Back Draft...two of Mikey's favorite trucks! Mikey's reaction was awesome! "Why did the elves make a mess?" Mikey Ryan, setting up another race! Ryan and Mikey Mikey and Ryan, loved the first night of Elf Mischief ! What will Buddy and Max do tomorrow...stay tuned !

Buddy and Max

Buddy and Max have arrived! They thought it would be fun to change how they arrived this year, so they thought they would wrap themselves up in a gift box, and hide under the Christmas tree! Buddy and Max Finding a way to lay very still... Hiding under the tree! "How long before the boys wake up?" The Christmas Tree Mikey just sat on the steps and looked at the tree! "Hey Mommy, there's something under the tree, who is it for?" Mikey and Ryan, opening their gift! For some reason...this part took for EVER!!! "There's something in here!" Max and Buddy!!! Ryan and Max Mikey and Buddy Mikey and Ryan were VERY excited to see their elves had returned!

St. Charles Santa Parade

The city of St. Charles has "Christmas Traditions" on Main St, and a Santa Parade on the weekends! Each costumed person, hands out trading/collectors cards! The kids love it! Mikey and a few Nutcrackers. Mikey and Ryan with the Christmas Carolers. Mikey waiting for the parade to start. Mike and Mikey Mikey and Ryan Mommy and Mikey The fife drum corps The Sugar Plum Fairy The German Santa Russian Santa - St. Nicolas Scottish Santa USA Patriotic Santa British Santa French Santa The carriage with Mr. and Mrs. Claus Santa Claus What would Christmas be without a trolley? Daddy and Mikey **It was SO cold...we spent most of the time, trying to keep Ryan and Mikey warm!**