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Wood Badge Tent Sign

I love when, true craftsmanship produces an amazing product! Through networking and my amazing Wood Badge "Family," I recently saw a photo of my friend's tent and this awesome cedar sign at Beaumont Scout Reservation.On the sign was her name, course number, and Wood Badge critter. (Each patrol has an name and animal. You will hear it called a patrol "critter," by those who have completed Wood Badge.) Isn't the detail, just awesome? This sign adds personality to your campsite, notifies your Scouts where to find you, and helps to identify that you attended Wood Badge! Each sign is unique, just as the cedar that was carved is unique! I have seen two designs, but I know that this artist would gladly work with you to make the sign you desire. Another cool feature, in addition to his artist stamp on the back, is that the backside is unfinished! Why is this something that you would want? If your camp does fire branding, at the completion of camp,

Wood Badge Beading Ceremony C3-312-14-2

  Who knew, that a little wooden bead, would mean so much? The ceremony was held at Beaumont Scout Reservation, during Leadership Outdoor Experience. (It was very windy and cold.) I was so humbled and honored, that many friends and family, chose to join me on this special night!  The Sizzling Soaring Golden Eagles patrol, joined in on the fun! Our SPL, Rich arrived, while I was staffing LOE, and I nearly cried, when I saw him! Jim was the next to arrive, and he graciously let me borrow our course patch, as mine couldn't be found. An Eagle cry, cut through the air, and we knew that Mark had arrived! We all hugged, as our convocation of Eagles, gathered at Beaumont, once again! (We greatly missed Shelly and Austin...our patrol, just wasn't complete without them.) Our Scoutmaster, Mark and my Training Guide, Gerry, presented a very moving ceremony. I found out that not all neckerchiefs are the same size...and barely fit over my head. Between shivering and a few