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Elf Mischief Night 6 - Tooth Brushes

Buddy and Max brought the boys tooth brushes and tooth paste!

They also wrote on the mirror..."Ho Ho Ho, love Buddy and Max," and they drew a tree!

Mikey was rather upset that the elves were not in their normal place or under the tree. We told him he had to find the elves, so he ran all over the place looking for them! When he finally found them, he had a huge sigh of relief!

The boys couldn't wait to brush their teeth, and asked to do it twice!

Thanks for the really cool Transformer tooth brushes!

*My bathroom now smells minty fresh!

*Dried tooth paste comes off easily with warm water and a wash cloth, and I think my mirror has extra shine...might be just me!

Elf Mischief Night 5 - The Beach

Before the holiday rush of December; the elves, Santa, and Dasher the reindeer headed to the beach for one last chance for some fun in the sun!

Each put on their sun glasses, and enjoyed the relaxing beach experience!
Mikey and Ryan, loved the sand!

Ryan wanted to know how Max kept his sun glasses on?

Mikey thought the sun glasses were awesome!

Once they left the beach, the elves took a nap in the Christmas tree!

Elf Mischief Night 4 - Christmas Cards

Buddy and Max, found the collection of Christmas cards, and our family Christmas Card List.

They wanted to help in any way possible!

What fun would it to be to write with normal pens, KOOKY pens are so much cooler!

Have you seen these?

They are in many different characters, but all have the tassel on the end of the pen!

The kids think they are really fun!

Elf Mischief Night 3 - Nativity

Buddy and Max, wanted to remind us why we celebrate Christmas, with a kids Nativity block set and a book to read.
Buddy near the wooden blocks, and the "Jesus is the Reason for the Season," paint bucket.

Mikey saw a gift, and wanted to know if it was Christmas morning.

What's inside?

The beautiful Nativity blocks!

*My very rough tutorial I wrote in August, on how I made our blocks. Link

*Much thanks to, "I Am Momma Hear Me Roar Blog," for the inspiration. Link

*I found the clear paint bucket at Michael's craft store.

*Stickers for wording, were found at Hobby Lobby, but I needed two sets to spell out the message.

Bass Pro Santa

The lobby at Bass Pro, had a beautiful tree!
Just hanging out at the North Pole!

Mrs. Claus greeted the boys, with big hugs!

Buddy and Max joined us to see Santa!

The boys did great talking with and sitting on Santa's lap. I tried to take pictures, but was told that it is all copy righted, and personal camera use was not allowed. They also moved us off to the side, so I have no idea what all the kids had to say! I was just happy the kids loved every second, and Santa wasn't in any rush!

Ryan was funny racing his car! He thought it was funny to fly it off the track...the store worker did not think so!
Lastly we hit the shooting range!

Elf Mischief Night 2 - Mini Tree

Buddy and Max, found the toy crane and fire truck toy ladder, to decorate the mini tree. Buddy wrapped the hook under his arms so that he could reach the top of the tree!

Max loves the color red, and had zero fears of climbing to the top of the ladder!

Buddy and Max...hard at work!

Mikey and Ryan loved that their tree was back! As soon as they saw it, they asked if it could go into their room!

Elf Mischief Night 1 - TP Reindeer

Buddy and Max arrived safe and sound after a long trip from the North Pole.
They rode in on a sleigh, driven by 9 reindeer!

Mikey and Ryan, didn't see them at first. It wasn't until after breakfast, that Mikey exclaimed "Mommy, I see something over here...hurry!"
With Ryan following behind, we all ran in to see Buddy and Max, and their 9 reindeer!

Mikey was full of questions:
"How did they get in here?
Did they bring anything in the sleigh?
Why are the reindeer not moving?
Did the reindeer fly the whole way here?
Did Santa get our letters?"

Ryan just picked up Max, and gave him a hug!

Welcome back to our home, Buddy and Max!
We can't wait to see all of the fun things you will come up with this year!

*Found the sleigh at goodwill for less than $2, this past summer.
*Been saving the TP rolls for a few weeks.
*Legs and head with antlers were made from the paper roll, once I used a whole roll of wrapping paper. (P.s. - found out that you can iron thin cardboard with a re…

Thanksgiving 2011

Mikey and Ryan, couldn't wait to meet Tom Turkey!

Mikey helped to set the table, and watched me learn how to fold fancy napkins!
(Thank goodness for google.)

Silly Turkeys!

Macy's Red Mailbox

Mikey and Ryan wrote their letters over a breakfast of pancakes, at the local diner.
(Not so easy avoiding syrup and orange juice!)
They asked if Buddy and Max, could come back to our house this year.

When we arrived at our local Macy's, we were pleased to see that the Believe display was right inside the entrance and easy to find.
(Horrible for picture taking as the sun was pouring through the windows, but very accessible.)
Mikey found the "Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus," book and read it prior to mailing their letters.

Ryan and Mikey first mailed their pictures to Mrs. Claus.

Mikey then mailed his letter to Santa, he asked for a transformer.

Ryan then mailed his letter to Santa, reminding him of the green trash truck he really wants!

Macy's has a new down loadable application for your Android or iPhone. We couldn't wait to try it out in the store. The idea was great, that you could have your picture taken with a "character," from the book.

The store …

Lowe's Build and Grow - Sleigh

It's that time of year again! Lowe's Build and Grow holiday series!
This week was Santa's Sleigh, but we waited to tell the boys!
This is Mikey, trying to guess what the project would be.
He was convinced we were building a mini dog house...

The blue prints, didn't look too hard this time!

Mikey found a great place to hold all of his super tiny nails!

Ryan is getting much better with the hammer, and Mike is beyond thankful for that!

Ryan was so happy, once he saw what the completed project looked like!

Santa and his really flat reindeer!

Ryan and Mikey

Pumpkin Catapult

The local nature center had a Fall Festival, with a scavenger hunt, which lead you to several stations all over the park. If you could answer the question from the park ranger you got a stamp in your book.
(Both kiddos have colds, so it was walk a few steps, and then blow your nose!)

Checking out the old water mill, and the miniature diorama of what the mill looked like in 1805.

Mikey and Ryan wanted to look at the dam, and all of the fallen trees from the recent storms.

The nature center had a pine snake and bottle nosed turtle, to touch and look at.

Mikey then dressed up as a bee keeper.

Ryan and Mikey checked out all of the donated pumpkins, ready to fly through the air.

The catapult, was really cool to watch.

Ryan and Mikey loved watching the pumpkins fly!
I didn't get a picture of the flying or smashed pumpkins, but they were wicked fast flying through the air!
The boys loved every moment of pumpkin destruction!