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Christmas Day with the Fortner's


Christmas "Morning"


Christmas Eve 2010

Grandpa stopped by early on Christmas Eve, and brought two big packages wrapped in red paper!
What is it Grandpa?

Mikey and Ryan both received fire trucks!

Mikey and Grandpa playing with the new fire truck. (The name of the fireman? Billy Blazes...sounds like a romance novel character.)

We then headed over to the Wehmer Christmas Eve Bash, at Aunt Jean and Steve's house. I took this picture of Mikey...."I swear I didn't move anything!" (See the tree?)

Jenny and Dad
Ashlee and Jenny


Elf Mischief - Night 26 - Gift Wrap

Buddy and Max wrapped a few presents! They then spent the next hour rearranging them under the tree!

Gifts for the Party

We made crayons for Mikey and Ryan's Christmas party! The crayons were in the shape of gingerbread men! Mikey worked really hard peeling the crayon wrappers off of the crayons, had a blast breaking the crayons, and filling the mould. He waited at the oven door to watch them melt, and could wait to see the finished product!
Thank you Leanne for the great idea, and sharing your supplies! Thank you Cassie for the use of your silicone pan!

Magic House

On Mommy's day off of work, we met Leanne and Olivia Brown at the Magic House.
Mikey and Olivia

Fireman Mikey, he thought the coat was too heavy....

Ryan the future football star!

Olivia and Ryan "picking" apples.

Mikey and Olivia, holding hands...or is Mikey dragging her to the next exhibit.

Worker Guy!

Mikey could not contain his excitement...he was able to sit in a bobcat!

This one is for Uncle Ryan...future mechanic?

"Would you like some pizza?" - Olivia
Thank you VERY much for the invite and passes, Leanne! We had a great time with you, and can't wait to go back!

Elf Mischief - Night 25 - Elf PJ's & Masks

Buddy and Max dressed up the boys Christmas pajamas to look like elves.
Buddy and Max

Buddy and Mikey's pajamas.

Max with Ryan's pajamas.

Mikey and Ryan looking at the "elves."

Ryan and Mikey looking at each other, with their new masks.


Mikey and Ryan...too funny!

Elf Mischief Night 24 - Repelling

Mikey was very confused this morning!
He thought the elves had taken the night off... Ryan was the one who found them...repelling off the Christmas tree!

Buddy and Max, set up their own rope and harness...and climbed my tree!
Buddy must not be frightened of heights!


Max was the anchor, and held the rope for his brother!
Mikey and Ryan, were amazed that Buddy and Max were so brave!

Elf Mischief - Night 23 - Lincoln Logs

Buddy and Max built a log house out of the Lincoln Logs!
Mikey said "Worker Elves!"...I expected "worker guys!"


Ryan and Mikey, right before Ryan knocked over the building!