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Halloween 2011

When we asked the boys what they wanted to be for Halloween, both of them said Transformers! Neither one of them changed their minds, no matter how many times we asked!
Mikey chose Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobots.
Ryan chose to be Bumble Bee, who is a guardianautobot.

We then told Mikey he needed to learn a joke, in the event someone picked "trick," after he said trick or treat.
This is the joke Mikey picked, understand that he is 4...

Knock, knock...
Who's there?
Optimus Prime...DUH!

He would say this, and laugh at himself!
(Thank goodness, he didn't have to tell anyone a was not funny!)

Mikey and Ryan checking out the decorations at the Davis house!

Ryan jumped into the wagon, and told Daddy to go really fast on the tractor!

Ryan was so cute! He thought it was just a night to greet the neighbors and say hello. We were 6 houses in, before he realized there was candy involved! He would say hello, trick or treat, thank you and run off the porch without candy!

Kids Halloween Party

We were invited to join the Davis family, at the local fire department for a kids halloween party.
Mikey - Optimus Prime
Ryan - Bumble Bee
Bryce - Thomas Train
Miranda - Strawberry Shortcake
The kids were very excited, to finally wear their costumes!

Mikey and Ryan, very silly boys!

After a long wait, the crafts table opened, and Mikey made a bat door hanger.

Mikey enjoyed the games, and prizes. He picked out a centipede!
(I thought he would have grabbed the spider!)
Best part of the party? The cake walk! Can you say awesome? The formed a huge circle, and it was a scramble to find a number on the floor, and then you hope they called out your number. We walked away with a tray of cookies!

Snow in October??

The news told us there was a chance of snow on Saturday, due to an East Coast nor easter storm blowing through. Well, we got it... as did most of the North
East! We got 3-5 inches, and I forgot to measure exactly how much we accumulated.
The snow flakes started early in the morning, and didn't stop until late!
Did I mention it was OCTOBER? The kids were very confused!

Mikey tried really hard to catch a snowflake on his tongue!

We dug out the mittens, hats, and winter coats and played in the snow!

Ryan made his first snow ball, unfortunately it was more of a slush ball, and when he threw it at me... it smacked me square in the thigh! I still have a bruise!
The kids loved every second they were out in the snow! They played until their lips quivered, and denied how cold they really were! Finally convinced them to come in from the snow, via a cup of hot chocolate!

Pumpkin Carving

Ryan and Mikey, were talking about pumpkin carving, when I snuck up on them!
Neither one of the boys, wanted to put their hands into the pumpkin! I was so sad, as it is my favorite part! Picking out the stencil with Mikey, was a big deal and he really wanted to do something fun! He finally chose a ghost, after debating on a spider or skull. He did a great job, of poking the little holes into the pumpkin. He loved that he then got to use all of the tools to carve the pumpkin!

Mommy and Mikey

Ryan and Daddy went another route...power tools!

Our happy jack-o-lanterns! Great job everyone!

BOO - from Mason and Mady

We got a BOO, in the mail!
Mikey and Ryan, received a Halloween package from Mason and Mady!

Ryan saw the movie first, and had a death grip on it!
He didn't let go of it until it was time to watch it.

Mikey loved the card, because it had a spider on it!

Getting love from our friends in St. Louis was awesome!

Fire truck movie, candy, skeletons, bat rings, centipede, mini skate boards, and packed in St. Louis Cardinal newspaper...can you say a box filled with love??

Thank you SO much Lisa, Mason, Madisyn and Toni! We miss you all very much!

Lowe's Monster Truck

OMG, Mikey has learned how to roll his eyes and say, "No pictures!"
I would love to say that my sweet "angel," would never say that...but it just isn't true!
(He is just like his father, and is not on the photo band wagon!)

While we waited for Mikey to finish his project, Ryan found a "road," and thought his Monster Truck needed a test drive!

Ryan and Mikey with their Monster Trucks!

World Series!!

Mike and the boys are SO excited to be watching the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series!
"Suck it Rangers, Go Cards!," my two guys have been saying this for the last two days.
(Not sure if I should be proud or hold my head in shame!?!)

I have to write about KSDK and the St. Louis Cardinals!

They will make my Uncle Tom Gassner, a very happy man on Thursday, for game 2 of the World Series! My cousin Erica, who lives in Boston, wrote an email to Mike Bush, about finding tickets to purchase. Mike Bush and Ann Rubin responded that they wanted to do more! They interviewed him about ALS, and then surprised him with tickets to go the the game. His reaction and smile speak volumes! (I was moved to tears)! I am so humbled by the generosity of KSDK, and the St. Louis Cardinals! See the link below for the KSDK story:

KSDK 2011 ALS Fan to Go to the World Series

KSDK 2008 Interview

I can't wait to hear all about his adventure to game 2 of the World Series!

Layover Anyone?

Jennifer, Emma, and Katie went to The National Share Walk for Remembrance & Hope, in St. Louis. On their way back to Ohio, they had a layover in Maryland! Who knew that sending an airplane from the Midwest to Ohio via the east coast, would give me time with my Best Friend?

After a game of "where are you now?" on our cell phones, we found each other!

All 7 of us sat down, and shared lunch and played catch up.

Jenn had the crab cake; I was really worried that it would be horrible as it was made in an airport kitchen, but surprisingly she said it was good! (Thank goodness!)
I am amazed at how much Emma and Katie have grown! They are little people now, with their own distinct personalities...I just want to love on them forever!

Thank you Jennifer for spending the time with us, when you easily could have hung out at your departing gate! I just love when we are together, no matter how short the visit!

Emma, Jenn, Katie, Jenny, Mike, Mikey, and Ryan

**P.S. - Ryan's face in this p…

Love from the Great Pumpkin

Mikey and Ryan wanted to send some love to our neighbors, Bryce and Miranda.
We found a few goodies, and made a tag that said:
You've been BOO'ed!
Don't let the BOO end with you, share the love!
oxoxo, The Great Pumpkin
Mikey and Ryan loved filling the pumpkin. (They might have had a few pieces of candy.)

Wrapped and ready to go!

Mikey and Ryan with their gift!

Ryan and Mikey, set the pumpkin down...

...and ran away!

***Ryan needs to work on his stealth like sneaky moves. Mr. Wayne's riding lawn mower was the first thing we saw when we arrived, needless to say Ryan talked about it the whole time we were there, making the drop. Thank goodness we weren't caught!
This was SO much fun, that the boys can't wait for the next holiday!***

Fall Fun

"Full day planned: craft time, fire house, and Fall Festival...hope the kids can keep up, this Momma is on the move!"- my status on FB this morning

We were blessed with beautiful weather this weekend, and I knew there were a few events going on locally...the boys had no clue what all I had planned.

We started out at the craft store making hand print bats. Mikey loved his hands being painted white, and made the comment that his hands look like a skeleton! Thank goodness the store had a bathroom, as the paint dried very quickly, and we had to scrub our hands clean!

Next we headed to the local fire house for their annual open house. The boys had a blast! Can you say "fire house SWAG," tons of freebies and giveaways! We ended up with fire hats, crayons, coloring books, a ruler, band aids, stickers, and key chain. The best part? Climbing all over the fire equipment! Ryan was happy they had hot dogs and cookies! Two very happy Jr. Firemen, did not want to leave the fire ho…


Maryland's state flower is the black-eyed-susan, but I have been amazed at how many fields are filled with sunflowers. I have seen many people pulled over on the side of the road, and randomly standing in the middle of a sunflower field having their pictures taken. A local farmer either has a wild way of controlling soil erosion or finally gave in to the trespassers, as he has cut a clear path and his field has been swarmed with families and photographers!

Lowe's Monster Machine

Our little Monsters, attended the Lowe's Build and Grow clinic, and built a "Monster Machine."

Mikey and Daddy work so well together, too bad Daddy's fingers do not agree...Mike got it really good this week!

Ryan was so happy, and couldn't wait to show off his project!

Ryan and Mikey

Mikey loved that he could chose the head, body, and feet of the monster. It was funny to see what the kids would select.