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Fairy Tale Wedding

Yes, I am a dork, and I was awake at 4am, to watch the wedding of the century!
Prince William married Catherine (Kate) Middleton, in a Fairy Tale Wedding!
(A bad photograph, but it was dark, and it is a picture of our clock, and the television.)

I was glued to the television for 4 hours, hanging on every word and image! Catherine's dress was break taking, and she was beyond graceful!
My favorite moment of all of the footage was by far the moment Harry saw his brother's bride. I can only assume he said "Here she comes, and she is beautiful..wait till you see her!" At that moment he turns and sees her...he just glows with love and awe. The moment was just priceless!
(Professional Photo: Alastair Grant/AP)

The closest we got the the Royals, was a coffee mug with Kate and Will's picture on it!
O' well we made do, and still took pictures!

Ryan and Mikey

Mikey and his crown in honor of the two Royal love birds!

The closest we will ever get to the future King and Queen of …

Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day!

Mikey the hole digger.

Ryan was on tree placement duty.

Filling the hole back up with dirt.

A new little tree has been planted.

Dean - Ryan - Mikey

Easter Fun

Mikey and Ryan in their PEEPS shirts, that I made!

Egg Hunt!

Mikey helped Ryan look for eggs, so cute for them to work together.

Jack pot, lots of candy filled eggs!

Daddy and the boys played with the bubbles that were in their baskets.
They had SO much fun!

Mikey and Ryan

Easter Morning

Mikey and Ryan were up early!

Two baskets filled to the brim!

Mighty Machine Movies!

Ryan found a ball and glove in his basket.

Mikey loved everything, it was really hard to choose what to play with first!

Goodies for the Bunny

Ryan and Mikey thought the Easter Bunny might need a snack, and left him carrots and an apple. "Apple" . . .Ryan thought the Bunny's snack was tempting!

Colored Eggs

The boys were so "egg-cited," to color eggs.
(The whisks worked wonders for the boys to hold the handle!)

Ryan loved dying eggs...he kept say EGG!

"Look, a blue egg Mommy."

Ryan and Mommy

Looking at all of our beautiful eggs!

Mary's Birdhouse

Mikey loves filling Mary's bird feeders, and when he found out that the project for the month of April was a birdhouse, he knew just what he wanted to do with it!

The blue print for the window birdhouse.



The nails were very little!

"Happy Birthday Mary, I made you a birdhouse!" - Mikey

Jell*o Eggs

When a few goodies arrived in the mail from Grandma Fortner, one of the goodies enclosed in the box was the molds to make Jell*o eggs.
So we gathered our supplies, and two little boys could hardly contain their "egg-citement."

Mikey wanted to read the directions.

Mikey then sprayed each mold with cooking spray.

Mixing the lime Jell*o.

Ryan wanted peach and Mikey wanted raspberry.


Mikey then mixed the deep red flavored raspberry Jell*o.

A few of the filled molds.

Ryan and Mikey loved making Jell*o eggs!
Now they are crossing their fingers that they turn out!

Lunch with Aunt Ruth and Aunt Lisa

Aunt Lisa and Aunt Ruth visited Washington D.C., as an early 50th birthday present for Lisa.

Honoring "Jungle Jim," my Grandfather, and Lisa and Ruth's father, Captain James Wehmer, and his participation in the battle of the Midway.


Mikey loved his straw and big guy glass!

Lisa - Jenny - Ruth

Thanks Ladies for the ice cream, it was great seeing you in DC! - Mikey